Oct 18

Amazing 7 system Dual sim Nokia N9 —–All in One Design

All-in-one Design

With build in battery,Integrative design makes all-in one,from the organic whole,only volume keyand power on key lies in the right side and a 3.5 mm audio jack on the left top .no any buttons in front,The bar delivery beautifully detailed degsign

The Independent loudspeaker at the middle bottom.simple but fashionNOKIA N9 ALL IN ONE DESIGN 11

3.5mm audio jack at the left top

The vlume up and down keys on the right side ,together with the “power-on” key .when operating the device ,you will find these 2 keys play a much more important role ,The “power on “key also function as “Home” key” ,first press to go home desk ,and second press to lock the screen and enter the power-saving mode, convenient ,userfriendly and fast enough. Moreover the volume down key act as the shortcut key to control the “7 system switch” as you wish.

Nokia n9 volume rocker 3

The phone receiver on the middle top and the tiny LED ligh on the right top .what’s amazing is the Nokia N9 Logo ,rather bright and smart. with much force ,Is it ?


At the back ,both the 2 ends are a little thinner ,so the whole bar looks pretty naturally

good-looking.,   the water-proof flash light and the 2.0Mega rear camera ,the to resemble 1:1 effect ,the phone back marked with “Nokia Cralzeries AF 8MP”as the orginal one.and the carmera rim is protected by the quality steel,just like a bright mirror,see my camera is in the mirror!

nokia n9 back 1

NOKIA N9 from fastcardtech

Take a look at the bottom :it is very that the front camera is at the bottom ,if the device comes without the Nokia logo at the top and without the MIC at the bottom , someone may be habitual to hold it in backwards.

the back camera for nokia n9

See what the secret for the intergrated body?

Open the top cap,The SIM 1 slot,Silm 2 Slot ,the Micro TF card slot and the USB port neighbored in the 2 hidden “rooms”,at first ,you may take effort to find this secret ,and may wonder “where is the sim card? Where can I connect the USB cable ?. an ingenious design!

NOKIA N9 Talkingmobi.com


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