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Amazing 7 system Dual sim Nokia N9 —–His-and-her smartphone

NOKIA N9 pic1 talkingmobi

In this July,the Nokia released the first Meego OS based Nokia N9 ,stand out among “the best smartphone in 2011” .impressive style and youthful colors, are you in love with it  ? Facing the powerful rival IOS and android ,think nothing of the Operation OS, Another 1:1 best copycat may touch everyone at the first glance .

 Let us have a closer look at this innovative Nokia N9 perfect 

Physical highlights

Gaudy colors : jet-black, magenta, royalblue, turquoise. looks awesome in candy colors .Beautiful curved design,

NOKIA N9 PIC22 talkingmobi

NOKIA N9 from talkingmobi


the N9 is Nokia’s first-ever “pure touch” smartphone. It has no keypad or home button on the front — the only physical controls are on the right side in the form of volume buttons and a lock key.

Nokia N9 thickness pic from talkingmobi

This “pure touch” bar is 10.6mm at the thickest middle ,and only 8.42 mm at the thinnest end

3.6 inch Nokia N9 and 3.5 inch original Iphone ,4.3inch original Samsuang Galaxy SII ,compare the thickness and the screen size ,the black frame around the 3.6 inch touch screen of Nokia N9 almost diagonalized about 4.7 inch, so it is super big and nice by first eye catch.


 Samsung galaxy SII is famed as the thinnest smartphone yet ,only 8.5mm ultra thin,noted that the bar end of Nokia N9 can be parallelled as that of about 8.5mm .

NOKIA N9 thickness22

 Its shell is made of a special polycarbonate,a high-grade plastic ,which can prevent from scratch, dirt or any marks as well as improving signal reception

 The external shell of Nokia N9 is made of a special plastic named polycarbonate which, is a high-grade plastic providing the super sharp looks along with the excellent durability.

 Dual sim Dual standby support

It is really  practical for those 2 sim or more sim cards holders.do not bother to take 2 phones out for business

 It runs on the MTK 6235 Chipset,which is 6 times faster than MTK6225 ,speedy and responsive ,so it build in many poluar games .,build in 19.5M phone memory ,but the phone system show 32GB .however it supports Memory card expansion ,

Nokia N9 pic 66 from talkingmobi

 Seldom phone like Nokia N9 has more than 3 colors and beautifully medium sized , Suitable for girls and boys ,men and women,lovers and family

so we would like call them His-and-her smartphone !.

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