May 16

Android System GPS Setting

Android system GPS setting tips


Much guys asked how to setting his mobile phone GPS.

It’s tough to say, it depends on the phone and on the problem.

About Android system GPS setting Here 1 point:

We need install Z-device (Down it from android market) for check if your phone build in GPS chip, if yes,  your GPS is ok, just some software problem.

ok we go on.

Android system GPS setting some help tool

Now we have to first let phone get right signal and initial coordinates.

But you must note:

Sat fix can take up to 1,5 hours by some setting tool.
If possible, have a simcard in the phone and activate A-GPS.
Also, sometimes it helps to have the app “GPS Test” running in the background (see attachment).

Here we recommand you use GPS TESTER

After you finised it you need install a GPS software for get man.

It is need pay money? ahah no.

A navigation software that usually works good is Copilot.

A cracked version of copilot, it let’s you download maps from all over the world.


Last thing is this guide can not cover all mobile phone for much mobile phone these software maybe not work good.

Get more GPS info in FCT .