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Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye- Funny Gadget on Android Phone

Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye

Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye Features and Specifications

Fish Eye

Fish Eye

Fish Eye

Fish Eye

Fish Eye
Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye- 12x Telephoto Conversion Lens

The phone itself does not have an optical zoom lens capability, which can only be achieved fewer times digital zoom.

This 12x optical lens with a small size, light weight, it can support any mobile phone horizontal position and vertical shooting, very practical.

These compact simple design for your phone adds new functionality telephoto shooting experience.

Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye


Shooting range can be greatly expanded, the scene being photographed showing a concentrated form, the effect is a very novel.

Fish eye (to 180 degrees shooting scene, bearing now fish-eye effect)

Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye


Expanding cell phone camera scenes photo shoot almost no distortion, can be in a small range when shooting a larger scene!

Wide-angle (shooting range 0.67-fold increase)

Clip 12X Lens Fish Eye


The equivalent of a small microscope, you can put a very small thing very clear shot out in 2-3CM focus.

Package weight: 200g

Package size: 150 x 90 x 30mm

Package Included:

1 x Flish Eye Lens

1 x Wide + Macro Lens

1 x 12X Zoom Telescope(With 2 Protective Cap)

1 x Clip

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