Dec 17

Compare OnePlus 3T With Oppo R9s

Compare OnePlus 3T With Oppo R9s

Not long before, OnePlus has published the updated version of OnePlus 3- OnePlus 3T, it improves the performance, camera and battery three aspects, price begins with $ 444.99. Among the same price phone, the competitors of OnePlus 3T are OPPO R9s, Xiaomi Mi5s Plus. We can see many similar things in OnePlus 3T and OPPO R9s. Today, I will tell OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s, you can learn some main features about these phones.


OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s- Specs

OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s
Model OnePlus 3T Oppo R9s
Screen 5.5inch 1920 x 1080 pixels 5.5inch 1920 x 1080 pixels
Size 152.7×74.7×7.35mm 153.0×74.3x6.58 mm
CPU Snapdragon 821 Snapdragon 625
Camera 16.0MP Front Camera, 16.0MP Rear Camera 16.0MP Front Camera, 16.0MP Rear Camera
Network Full Network Full Network
Battery 3400mAh 3010mAh
Colour Gold, Grey Gold, Rose Gold, Black
System Android 6.0(H2 OS2.5) Android 6.0(Colour OS3.0)
Price US$ 444.99 US$ 391.00

From configurations comparsion we can see, OnePlus 3T is better, the main performance is processor, Ram, battery, there are many versions to choose.

In some details, OPPO R9s is better. Such as OPPO R9s takes Corning 5th generation orangutan glass, the screen hardness is higher. And OnePlus 3T is the same as OnePlus 3, it still uses Corning 4-generation glass screen.


OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s- Appearance

About appearance, OnePlus 3T and OPPO R9s both use full metal frame design, and the phone size is similar. The difference is design style, phone colours.

Compare OnePlus 3T With Oppo R9s

The front design of OPPO R9s and OnePlus 3T is similar, the front both panel takes 5.5 inch 1080p screen, the same 2.5D curved glass and ultra border design, and the bottom of the screenentities unpress the solid-state fingerprint Home key design. Different is just the top of the screen opening design, which R9s screen opening with symmetrical design, and a plus 3T was asymmetric design, which can be seen that the two design positive design style is very similar.

The back of OnePlus 3T uses the metal body + nano-injection process, withOnePlus 3 design, back and fuselage frame with a gold arc treatment, continues a plus ultra-cool handle characteristics, with mint gold, gun gray 2 Color matching options, as shown below.


OPPO R9s rear metal back shell with a new micro-slot antenna design, the original generous leucorrhea cut into three only 0.3 mm thin line, the metal back accounted for increased to 98.8%, the color value is even more remarkable, and the new By nowadays popular black color.

Other details, a plus 3T fuselage side joined a landmark three-stage keys, providing mute, not disturb, ring three modes, for different life and work scenes, a key direct.

The OPPO R9s in the box part of the CNC highlighted bright waist line, enhance the side of the fashion sense. In addition, OPPO R9s body design is thinner, lighter, portable excellent, as shown.


From appearance comparsion we can see, OnePlus 3T and Oppo R9s look very beautiful, and Oppo R9s is thinner, it looks very beautiful. Appearance gives a simple beauty. And OnePlus 3T appearance style compare with OnePlus 3T is similar, pay more attention to the atmosphere calm, feel and practical characteristics, the gold arc in the box and after the shell design, enhance the feel, personality of the side three-stage button design, enhance the practicality .

OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s- Performance

As we know, the important of one phone is the processor and Ram, and in these situations, OnePlus 3T is better than OPPO R9s, performance is better.

OnePlus 3T takes Snapdragon 821 processor, 6GB big Ram, according to Antutu test, the score is very high. OPPO R9s takes Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB Ram, which is worse than OnePlus 3T.

oneplus-3t-vs-oppo-r9s-7 oneplus-3t-vs-oppo-r9s-8

In daily life, Oppo R9s is suitable in people who never plays the big game, mainstream games and applications can run smoothly. And OnePlus 3T takes 6GB Ram, you can run any phone need.


OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s- Battery, Camera And System

About camera, OnePlus 3T and Oppo R9s front cameras are the same, the difference is rear camera, as for camera experience, OnePlus 3T is excellent. And OPPO R9s is good at camera, in my opinion, OPPO R9s is better.


About system, OPPO R9s runs ColorOS 3.0 system, it works har for safety, and H2 OS2.5 works hard for experience, the system experience is similar.

About battery, OnePlus 3T takes 3400mAh battery, it is 400mAh bigger than R9s, battery is better than Oppo R9s. About quick charge, OnePlus 3T takes DASH quick charge.

OnePlus 3T VS Oppo R9s- Conclusion

From these comparsions we can see, OnePlus 3T is good at performance and battery, and OPPO R9s is better in camera, in a word, OnePlus 3T is a good choice for you. However, if you like good camera phones, OPPO R9s is a good choice.