Sep 01

Déjà Vu: Apple Reportedly Loses Another iPhone Prototype In Bar



Last year, we all got an early look at the iPhone 4 when a misplaced prototype of the smartphone, left behind in a bar by an Apple employee out celebrating, landed in the hands of Gizmodo. The discovery was a coup for the site, giving its readers an exclusive look at the next generation of Apple hardware. This time around, we’re still guessing what the company has in store for us, but might we have had a repeat of last year’s scoop? A new report says we almost got that chance earlier this summer, when yet another Apple employee lost yet another prototype iPhone in yet another bar.

CNET has learned that Apple engaged the help of the San Francisco Police Department to recover the device, which was lost in a San Francisco tequila bar. Apparently, once the company realized what had happened, in spite of lessons learned following last year’s fiasco, it wasted no time in soliciting the cops for assistance before the phone could go public. After tracing the prototype iPhone to its last-reported location, the police interviewed the resident and searched the premises, but came up empty-handed.

That’s where our story ends, sadly. Apple never filed a formal police report, and whoever actually did end up with the device may have just sold it on Craigslist, without necessarily realizing the value of such hardware. It’s been over a month since the prototype disappeared, so it’s looking very likely that it’s never going to surface.

Maybe a “no prototypes allowed in bars” rule from now on, huh, Apple?

Source: CNET