Apr 20

How to help you delete android iphone clone inside system icons

How to help you delete android iphone clone inside system icons

Many guy ordered android iphone clone model, they are cheap and with almost same function and very good hardware also.

Now much these model use retina screen that is really crazy and nice.

Some really nice cheap android iphone

Vphone 4s

Gphone F27

Fruite phone

Gooapple V6


They are very good android iphone same glass retina screen + metal body by android OS down game free


But much guy not like these mobile phone inside build in icons due to some icons is in chinese APP

Here give a way for easy fix it.

Please first down a app  and install it

You will find in chinese this is not a problem just install it.

After you installed it run it.

On left top has a mobile logo click it

After you click it you will find “选择语言” move on it select english

And confirmed it you will in fully english language

Now link your phone with PC get contacted by this software it is auto but you sure need open usb (if you not know how to do search our blog)

so click app you will in.

Start delete android iphone clone inside system icons

android iphone clone delet icons

you can find Zone 1 and Zone 2

Zone 1 is what in your mobile phone APP you need enter it and find what you wish delet icons just uninstall them

Ok go that and del it.

zone 2 is bonus for what guys read it. in this app store you can down much free app all free.

Fine enjoy for this free gift.

iphone need pay much money for APP, but android iphone best thing is can enjoy much free, so why android iphone now is supre hot.


Finally I need thanks for fastcardtech Sponsored and encouraged me to continue my blog, I will continue to free help all guys.

That android iphone is also fastcardtech give me for tested.