Feb 09

DIY GPS Sticker for HDC A9100 S2

DIY GPS Sticker for HDC A9100 S2

when you unrip the phone lable after you open the battery cover

you will find the silver signal sticker which is to enhance the signal in case any weak singal area

Then some smart guy think out of the box ,he DIY the Similar or more complex sticker to solve the GPS problem

Let share his idea and have your saying

Above is the main material parts for DIY  preparation

Before you use GPS, please set it in setting-location- choose gps satelliate & gps assistance& A-gps and save it. Please note A-GPS can only be choose under WCDMA using state

First use brand iron change headphone
(telephone receiver no.5 in material)


 Follow as the instruction shown

When you stick here, please face the yellow
Area, and make it straight

Stick the Touch screen

Take off the old gps antenna,change to be new one

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