Jul 24

Play Games, Win Free Phones- Fastcardtech.com

Fastcardtech Giveaway

Play Games, Win Free Phones- Fastcardtech

To get rid of boring Summer Holiday, Fastcardtech holds an activity from 24th, July to 24th, AUG to cheer all customers up and increase our sales. Easy to join, easy to win!





1. Resigned user can join. Here to resign on our website: www.fastcardtech.com.

2. Here download Game “Flappy Bird”: We just accept this game.

3. Phone * 1; Video Recorder * 1.



Every Week Reward(27th on July, 3rd/ 10th/ 17th/ 24th on AUG):


1. Pass 20 pipelines, Get 5usd Bonus!

2. Pass 25 pipelines, Get 8usd Bonus!

3. Pass 30 pipelines, Get 10usd Bonus!

4. Pass 35 pipelines, Get 13usd Bonus!

5. Pass 40 pipelines, Get 15usd Bonus!

6. More than 45 pipelines(including 45), Get 18usd Bonus and a chance to win S5 Legend!



Final Reward:


1. On 24th, AUG, we will choose the highest one to send him a s5 Legend directly! The score above 45 we will choose 5 and send them a Kiphone i6 Lte.





1. Need to record your game playing video and please upload to your youtube account.

2. Paste “I Love Fastcardtech Sticker” or Fastcardtech Logo, and you resigned user name on your video.

3. All the customers need upload the best one video, we will send the reward according to the best score.





All the files need to be true and not tricks. Or we will cancel your date and reward and post it to our BlackList. If you have any questions, please contact our Promotion@fastcardtech.com.