Mar 15

Fastcardtech Tech you how to solve Memory card Problem and Disassemble Iphone 4 or Iphone 4s style China phone


As is known to all ,the iphone 4 or 4s is buid in battery .and also build in memory Card

If the phone can not read the memory card or it can not boot up as a result of power problem

Some guys may Disassemble the device to try their chance

As is the same case with china OEM 1:1 iphone style .Take gooapple V6 and Sophone 4s for example .

FCT sophone 4s link :http://www.fastcardtech.com/goods.php?id=6931

FCT gooapple V6 link:http://www.fastcardtech.com/goods.php?id=7066

Both 2 are competitive products with  delicate and workmanship,the very unique highlight for New gooapple v6  is Retina screen.PX:640*960


As you can see from the above pic ,the Gooapple V6 can directly replace the Memory card easily since you open the backcover .so here i will guide you how to replace the memory card of  FCT sophone 4s.see clear the 2 bottom  SCREWS.Normally as iphone 4 or 4s ,it has 4-head-cap screw and /or 5-head-cap screw.so you may have to use  two kind of  screwdrivers

 Use the corresponding screwdrivers to unscrewed the  bottome cap and open the backcover carefully. see the below FCT sophone 4s .Have a look at the build in SD card slot ,take the memory card out to read on your PC via card reader ,test if the memory card ok .and place well in the slot again .if you lost the data ,you can copy some data before replacement.and take special care with red and black   line  which connect the battery and the device .

Sometimes your phone can not read the memory ,the memory card may be damaged or poor contact at the junction ,so you have to change or replace it .

That is all ,Thanks for visiting www.talkingmobi.com

 The New Retina screen.PX:640*960 iphone 4s Gophone F27 3G smart phone Video demo

FCT GOPHPNE F27 link:http://www.fastcardtech.com/goods.php?id=7074




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  1. Diko

    Hallo dear,

    i just bought iphone 4s clone, but the sim card would not read,please help me how to reset so my phone can be used.thanx

  2. jagu

    i hv bought 4s recently it was working fine , but now its memory changed, every time if i click photos it shows not enough memory plz suggest me

  3. skylite

    hello pwede po pa help? ung sken po na iphone 4s cloned. 240mb lang sya pag naka U -Disk, ung naka plugged sya sa PC. , cnubukan ko reformat sya na naka u-disk pero 240 pdin ung memory nya. 🙁

  4. lp

    i have a problem with the memory of iphone 4s china, i thought it was 32gig, but when i connect it on a computer, it has only 240mb… how will i know f the memory ws fake?

    1. mahone0810

      hehe, it may not be fake. i think u just has got the memory burnt…
      i suggest you take the memory out and connect the pc with card reader. and then format it by 32.
      and check again.

  5. jhoy12

    i have an iphone clone, too. it’s an iPhone 4s. maybe you can help me with this Memory card Error on my phone. it definitely can’t read the memory card. what should I do?
    please…please… someone help me with this. 🙂

    1. mahone0810

      1. pls take it out.
      2. Pls use the sd card reader to connect to pc, and check if pc can read it, then fast format it by 32.
      3. if not, buy a new card and insert in.
      4. if it still can work, send it back and get repaired. There must be a problem with the card port.

      1. ethan jay llabres

        desame problem with my ipohne4s :((

  6. zch

    i have an iphone clone and it has a screen lock password. and i cant reset it or remove it because i forgot.

    i can bypass it through turning the phone off then on again. but i couldnt re set it.

    i dont really know if its sophone or gophone or any other clone phones. but what i do know is that it runs java since i saw a java icon in it

    thank you for you response. 🙂 i hope you can help

    1. mahone0810

      o h my g o d…
      *#3698741# and get a reset…
      but i am not sure this one can work.

      1. zch

        thank you for your response.

        i have disassembled it and screwed up the touch screen doesnt work anymore.

        1. zch

          unfortunately the code doesnt work

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