Sep 05

Finally, Gingerbread Comes to the HTC Desire



The HTC Desire is a popular phone, and one which could be considered a ‘breakout’ device for many first-time top-end smarphone owners, which is why many took the news HTC wouldn’t be producing an official Android Gingerbread update quite hard. The decision was so badly received that HTC quickly backtracked and said ‘OK, you win, we’ll give it a go’.
That was more than a month ago and despite a few delays, an official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is now available for your HTC Desire.  Well, sort of, as this isn’t a simple over-the-air update which will need minimal input; as it’s a downloadable ROM which you’ll need to load onto your phone.
For this reason, HTC recommends only ‘developers or expert users’ try the new software, and warns that loading the ROM will wipe everything from your SMS, emails, contacts and all other personal information stored on the phone. Of course, all this can be backed up, and really the process isn’t all that difficult thanks to HTC’s concise instructions.
The 161MB file can be downloaded through HTC’s Developer Center site, but it’s a modified version of Gingerbread rather than a port of the Desire S’s software. HTC couldn’t adapt both the latest Sense and Gingerbread for the Desire due to a lack of memory, therefore this new ROM is missing some standard apps including the Flashlight and Facebook, and uses the Desire-standard Sense 2.1.
It’s also worth noting this new version of Android will remove any network branding and network-specific applications, so if you’re a fan and wouldn’t want to lose them, this update isn’t for you. Otherwise, Gingerbread will bring various performance and stability updates, important security fixes and various other improvements. HTC has clearly worked hard to please Desire owners, and they should be congratulated on doing what they originally said wasn’t going to be possible!