Dec 07

How to fix your phone zero IMEI problem?

How to fix your phone zero IMEI problem?

                                                                           Fastcardtech support team / 2010-09-02


Some buyer after flashed phone will lost imei be 000000000000

This will be really bad because you  can not get signal in many countries

But ok ,do not worry ,here have a way to save you back.

This is for almost all smart phone and   Our buyer also tested it with the Pinhone, dualsim Pinphone, Airphone…


You now get a way out !


1. Connect the phone via “Com Port” with your pc.
2. Make SURE to use the com port driver from THIS package!!!!
3. Start the IMEI tool to read out and write back the IMEI(s)
4. Re-boot the phone.


Fastcardtech.com Hope it’ll help all guy met this problem.