Mar 03

Full master chip Introduction of A10 Tablet PC

1. Introduction

With ARM Cortex A8 core, A10 will drive SoC into a brand new era of connected Smart HD which can enhance the application of connected HD SOC as well as user experiences of consumer electronics like multimedia products. Due to its outstanding connected HD video performance and cost efficiency, the highly integrated A10 is target at cool HD pad which can bring end-users better experiences of surfing, watching, gaming and reading.

The A10 is dedicated to furthering the development of connected HD video CODEC application, and 1080P H.264 high profile encoding technology can become one of the benchmarks. Besides its remarkable super HD 2160p video decoding capability, A10 can stream smoothly HD video over internet, including FLASH10.3/HTML5/3RD APK.

Besides self-developed display acceleration frame, MALI400 2D/3D GPU has also been introduced to strengthen the connected smart HD SOC in terms of high profile display so that it can support popular smart systems such as Android2.3/3.0 better and improve the performance of Android-loaded products as well as user experience.

There is no doubt that low power consumption and excellent user experience will be always on the top of end-users‟ wish list. A10 has adoped Allwinnertech‟s most advanced technology of video CODEC and power consumption is much lower during 1080p decoding process. What‟s more, Allwinnertech will keep applying progressive VLSI design under new process so that end products can become even more competitive with shorter R&D cycle and easier production advantages.

2. Feature


l ARM Cortex-A8 Core

l 32KB I-Cache/32KB D-Cache/256K L2 Cache

l Using NEON for video, audio,and graphic workloads eases the burden of supporting more delicated accelerators across the SoC and enable the system to support the standards of tomorrow

l RCT JAVA-Accelerations to optimize just in time(JIT) and dynamitic adaptive compilation(DAC), and reduces memory footprint up to three times

l Trustzone technology allows for secure transactions and digital right managements(DRM)



l support Open GL ES 2.0 / open VG 1.1



l support BLT / ROP2/3/4

l Rotation 90/180/270 degree

l Mirror / alpha (including plane and pixel alpha) / color key support

l Scaling function with 4*4 taps and 32 phase

l Support format conversion



l Video Decoding (Super HD 2160P)


Support all popular video formats, including VP8, AVS, H.264, H.263,

VC-1, MPEG-1/2/4

Support 1920*1080@60fps in all formats

l Video Encoding


Support encoding in H.264 High Profile format


720p @100fps

Display Processing Ability

l Four moveable and size-adjustable layers

l Support 8 tap scale filter in horizontal and 4 tap in vertical direction for scaling

l support Multi-format image input

l support Alpha blending / color key / gamma

l support Hardware cursor / sprite

l support Vertical keystone correction

l support Output color correction (luminance / hue / saturation etc)

l support motion adaptive de-interlace

l support Video enhancement

l support 3D format content input/output format convert/display (including HDMI)


Display Output Ability

l Support HDMI V1.3/V1.4

l Flexible LCD interface (CPU / Sync RGB / LVDS) up to 1920*1080 resolution

ImageInput Ability

l Dual camera sensor interface (CSI0 supports ISP function)



l 16/32-bits SDRAM controller


support DDR2 SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM up to 800Mbps

Memory Capacity up to 16 G-bits

l 8-bits NAND Flash Controller with 8 chip select and 2 r/b signals



ECC up to 64bit


l 1 USB 2.0 OTG controller for general application/2 USB2.0 EHCI Controller for HOST application

l 4 high-speed Memory controller supports SD version 3.0 and MMC version 4.2

l 8 UARTs with 64 Bytes TX FIFO and 64 Bytes RX FIFO,


1 UART with full modem function

2 UARTs with RTS/CTS hardware flow control

5 UARTs with two wires

l 4 SPI controller


1 dedicated SPI controller for serial NOR Flash boot application

3 SPI for general applications

l 3 Two-Wire Interfaces up to 400Kbps

l Key Matrix (8×8) with internal debounce filter

l IR controller supports MIR, FIR and IR remoter

l 2-CH 6-bits LRADC for line control


l Internal 4-wire touch panel controller with pressure sensor and 2-point touch

l I2S/PCM controller for 8-channel output and 2-channel input

l AC97 controller compatible with AC97 version 2.3 standard

l Internal 24-bits Audio Codec for 2 channel headphone, 2 channel microphone, 2 channel FM input and Line input

l 2 PWM controller


l 8 channel normal DMA and 8 channel dedicateed DMA

l Internal (32K+64K) SRAM on chip

l 4 timer, 1 RTC timer and 1 watchdog



l Security System


Support DES, 3DES, AES encryption and decryption.

Support SHA-1, MD5 message digest

Support hardware 64-bit random generator

l 128-bits EFUSE chip ID


l TFBGA441package

l 0.8mm pitch

3. Functional Block Diagram