Jul 16

Gree Phone News Finally Comes Out!

Gree Phone News

We all know that Gree is a great company that produce the electric allliances. Recently, there are some news about Green Phone. More and more people ask: what’s the price of Gree phone? what about the Gree phone? what’s the review of Gree pnone?
Gree Phone

Gree Phone Price

Since the appearing of the name “Gree phone”, this smartphone has become the focus of discussion. As for the price and time to market, much attention has been paid to the latest news which says it sells for 1299 yuan, or has quietly put up for sale.
It is learned that, the chairman of Gree electric appliances released report and says again “Gree mobile phone market has started selling”. At the same time, the media speculation Gree should choose offline channel to sell this machine.
As for the price, this machine is not revealed by the 1000 yuan, but up to 1299 yuan. In addition, allegedly because it uses offline sales way, so the actual price may be adjusted by the merchants.
Gree Phone 3
Gree Phone Reviews
The ministry of the net information displays some reviews about Gree phone. The machine uses 5.0 inch(1280 x 720 resolution) screen, with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processors, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, Android 4.4.4 operating system, front and rear camera is respectively 2 million and 5 million pixels.
The price of Gree phone is low, maybe it can attract lots of people. But we can know that the configuration of this phone is cheap, too. In the competitive domestic mobile market, Gree wants to rely on this phone to compete with XIAOMI, it may not be easy.
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