Sep 05

Gresso’s iPhone 4 Time Machine Slaps Analog Clocks Onto Phone, Price Skyrockets


While I’m not a fan of blinged out gadgets, I have to say that Gresso’s iPhone 4 Time Machine looks very tasty.  Sure, there’s no way I’m buying an iPhone slapped with analog clocks for $6,000, but I can appreciate the aesthetic (even though the price will give me a stroke).
What, exactly, was done to it?  Basically, Gresso took an iPhone 4 and pulled out its glass back.  Then, they replaced it with a diamond-coated mineral glass backing that features six separate mechanical Swiss watches, pre-set to tell the times in New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong and Tokyo, respectively.
Based on the pictures, the iPhone 4 Time Machine is downright pretty.  The addition isn’t distasteful at all; in fact, it complements the handset’s design nicely.  Even more impressive: Gresso claims the new rear panel adds only 1mm to the iPhone 4′s thickness.  And, yes, the handset will still work as usual (they didn’t remove the guts to make the slim result happen).
Got $6,000 to spare for an admittedly sexyfied iPhone 4?  You’ll probably have to wait.  While Gresso said the iPhone 4 Time Machine will be out this 2011, they didn’t give an exact date and those hand-crafted mechanical watches can take time to put together.
[via Luxury Launches]