May 25

HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Rom Update Announcement

FCT always supports our customers.

We know people love Original one more, with that reason at the end of March, FCT asked HDC factory to product few used Samsung Exynos CPU phone, so now have HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 this model.

Two months passed, and we finally received the engineer model, we fully tested it and all showed fine, Rom, Ram, CPU, Camera, all are ok. So we released it to our customers.

All tech information is same like our page showed and phone is really nice and the speed is crazily fast as our video showed.

HDC Galaxy S4 I9500HDC Galaxy S4 I9500

But factory made a big mistake, first 500pcs phones they flashed wrong rom and let our first version of HDC Galaxy S4 i9500 existed few problems: 

  1. WIFI weak only 1 or 2 ranks
  2. GPS not work
  3. Compass not work
  4. CPU information showed wrong (MTK6589 OR SNAP APQ8064)when you tested phone by Z-device and Antutu bench mark


That was a long tough day… We knew the factory made a big mistake, so as us.

We had got the right ROM and here is the guide to fix it.


Here is the link of the rom to flash it back to the original one.



If you do not know how to flash it, you can click here to check.  

It is because the MTK6589 File was written in the phone CPU software, so Exynos 5410 will not be read, that’s why the phone just showed 6589 when you test it. We need to install the MTK65xx pre-loader driver and flash the upgrade rom to directly burn the 5410 CPU in it. All files before like EBR1 EBR2, User Data will be replaced again. After you flash the rom back, you can install famous hardware test software to do a recheck then all is fixed.



We know we made a big fault, and a mistake is a mistake, it is here. We own our people a deep apologize, so we decide to give our loyal customers a whole year 3 dollars bonus: 200513.

Please type the number to your order before you pay for it, you will get 100-3 discount.


Sorry again and support our customers forever- Fastcardtech.com.


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  1. Eugene


    Bought a S4 I9500 clone.

    Can not access build under settings. Can not find drivers that connect phone to pc. Tried kingo. Moboro, Pdanet. Unable to find phone on pc.

    I there a code that I can try with the dialer that will give me the build specs.


  2. hgonzalez

    When I received my new HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos 5410, the cameras are not operating. FCT recommend me to load a new ROM on http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=796679384&uk=3492853244 but whit this ROM my phone will not run !!, so, after a lot of tests, I found that the only way to make it work was changing on the ROM the preloader file by this other: preloader_e2006_v89_ht.bin
    Now the phone is Ok but the cameras are still not working. I think it is a problem of drivers but I need a ROM whith the corrects ones. Any help. Thanks

    1. Rlusitano

      can you explaine how you do that….
      my phone is still dead…

  3. John

    Hi, I have a HDC Galaxy S4 Legend II, everything is okay(wi-fi,GPS) apart from the signal for the phone itself, I can’t make phone calls indoors but I can outside. I put the sim in my other phone and that is a good signal so it’s not the network. Is there anything that can be done, thanks for your help.

  4. ad


  5. morio

    hello who can touch pad and display of cheap?

  6. Tono_Doank

    Thanks FCT for repair the phone under warranty after “vertical rainbow Line” issue..

    Now, the problem is HOME Button can’t be use, it’s not responding after pressed. other button still OK. Do you had solution on these.? Bro mahone0810, Kindly please respond.


  7. Mohammad

    I am not sure if this will work on your device but if you bricked the phone, I reckon good idea to give it a go. if not backup your working Rom & try, in case if does’t work, can go back to your Stock working Rom. Having said that I am not taking any responsibility though.
    these phones looks very similar but actually screen specs & their drivers mainly are very different.


  8. ivan

    salve volevo sapere se era possibile avere l’ultima rom aggiornata per il mio clone s4 è uguale identico sia esteticamente che nelle dimensioni ed è marchiato samsung con una microsim anche se non è originale
    ho dei dubbi sul modello io gli ho messo larom del no.1 s6 e va abbastanza bene il telefono a volte perde il segnale dietro è marchiato come gt i9500

  9. Mohammad

    I uploaded my stock rom for Ezio i95-m on Need rom Website, I had having the same problem as described above. Try to use Star N9700 but it was seems to be working with Garbage screen ( vertical lines).
    I suggest you guys to try that if that help
    On Needrom web , search Ezio


  10. rlusitano

    HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos 5410
    Purchased: 22/07/2013
    Received: 26/08/2013
    Total Days Working: 0 (zero)


    1. MarteG

      Install corectly usb drivers, find another ROM, and reflash your device. Keep searching ROM until it works and your device starts.

  11. Javed Sipra

    some body told me that i need a Dump file to fix it. any body send me link please.
    required dump file and please tell me way of its re-flash. how i can flash it becuase it is totally dead phone.
    Phone details:

    HDC Galaxy S4
    Model : GT-i9500
    FCC ID : A3LGTi9500
    SSN : -i9500GSMH
    IMEI : 355096039850895
    S/N : R21CCZYBCW
    Sim Card : Micro Sim Card ( Single )
    2GB ram
    OS : 4.2.2 jelly bean
    Supper Almond display
    Made in Korea by Samsung

    Basically it is a High definition Copy ( Chinese phone )
    please send me its Dump file + original backup rom

    what you suggest about it for its fixing and run again.
    lot of thanks in advance , please help me
    Skype : javed.sipra

  12. Javed Sipra

    i brought a new HDC Galaxy S4 i9500, it was running well for few days, after some days it has lost its rotate system, no pic rotate , no video rotate, no nothing rotate. i wanted to flash it to solve this problem and wanted to install CWM recovery by SP-Flash tool, but my phone has dead. completely dead, no charging, no turn on, no connection with PC via USB and nor ask for drivers when i connect it with PC. it is only like a h
    How i can connect it with Laptop via USB without any box machine ?
    is there any solution ? is it now useless only ? or re-flashable ? is it fixable still now ?
    Please tell me / help me any kind person.
    waiting for your kindness
    Skype : javed.sipra

  13. rlusitano

    HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos 5410
    Purchased: 22/07/2013
    Received: 26/08/2013
    Total Days Working: 0 (zero)


  14. jay a mj

    some problem cant boot or blank screen it’s because
    battery drained

    i have a same problem
    but solved now

    first you should prepare
    – destop charger or anything hardware to charge batery without phone

    then charge about 1 hour or more

    one hour later

    turn on

    i hope trouble my answer can fix your trouble

  15. rlusitano

    HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos 5410
    Purchased: 22/07/2013
    Received: 26/08/2013
    Total Days Working: 0 (zero)


    SP_FLASH RUN MEMORY TEST: nand flash was not detected


    1. zulhelmi

      i got same problem, plese help

  16. Savvas

    Guys dont waste your time to fix the gps with flashing or updates. just follow the steps of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A95Sk-pP84A
    i bought the hdc galaxy s4 legend and is working great. After you finish the steps leave it oudside for 15 mins till it get for the first time signal.

  17. rlusitano

    HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos
    Purchased: 22/07/2013
    Received: 26/08/2013
    Total Days Working: 0 (zero)


    SP_FLASH RUN MEMORY TEST: nand flash was not detected


    1. tonyhrc

      to estoy igual , seguro k nos han timado con los moviles y algunos llevan mtk6589 y la rom del exynos lo jode. yo puedo argar diferentes rom pero no se ve la pantalla. unas veces negra otras con rayas de colores.

  18. Felipe Sagredo

    el HDC SPARK dice: invalid IMEI, y no puedo llamar.
    necesito ayuda pronto por favor
    mi correo es fsagredo24@gmail.com

    1. tonyhrc

      te he mandado un email con posible solucion

  19. rlusitano

    HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos
    Purchased: 22/07/2013
    Received: 26/08/2013
    Total Days Working: 0 (zero)



  20. tonyhrc

    HDC Galaxy i9500 Exynos S4 Version Update.rar http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=1539259610&uk=3492853244
      the screen is not
    ov5647_mipi_raw sensor sub main sensor lcd hi253_yuv RX_50SSD_566A?

  21. Fazron Baharom

    Is this rom working with hdc i9500, cpu universal5410, 2gb ram, android 4.2.9 ????
    My device as above have a weak gps and no working compas..

  22. Kostas

    they sell garbage. DONT TRUST THEM

    1. pollák mário

      I broke into display but other good

  23. pollák mário

    complete the inner part of the total sale hdc i9500 galaxy s4 Exynos 5410


  24. superjavideman

    A ver si desde España nos arrimamos un poco el hombro y sacamos esto adelante…

    Yo al final he conseguido instalar la rom….pero a falta de confirmar el resto de errores se ha subsanado….la radio FM sigue sin funcionar

    Otra cosa…donde podemos hacernos con carcasas o auriculares……yo he conseguido fabricarme con una dremel unos auriculares…..pero no es plan

    si teneis alguna info…mi correo es superjavi-de-man@hotmail.com

  25. tonyhrc

    I’ll sell you mine. 90 euros. to spare …tonyhrc72@msn.com

  26. pollák mário

    hello my phone hdc galaxy s4i9500 exynos 5410

    touch pad does not go where I can order it???

    broken flex cable


  27. tonyhrc

    drivers solved , the rom that you told me, it works but can not see the screen. colorful striped screen ,still investigating …. thanks

    1. wazzzuuuup2

      Same here… everything seems works fine except the striped screen… any solution ?

  28. tonyhrc

    Now drivers do not work …. com and lpt Error 45

  29. pollák mário


    usb recognize???

  30. tonyhrc

    thanks, he proved, but now I have another problem, flash tool does not start,

  31. tonyhrc

    yes, I found the rom on this pag, and does not work, that of needrom either. not turn the original rom needrom the N9500 ​​turns on but the screen is not

    1. pollák mário

      original rom is? Try it on i9500 but preloader file snorkel vedd ki

      1. pollák mário

        give you my email address or skype

        1. pollák mário

          is written poorly i9500.

          real N9500 ROM


          1. leonil

            itried this one pollak, not working showing some black and white garbage on screen. but i think it allows charging the batteries.

            Do you have nay working ROM ? Does anyone in FCT have really any working ROM at all ?

          2. wazzzuuuup2

            this is work for me except the screen showing stripes… please someone help upload the working rom…

  32. tonyhrc

    I dont find the rom for hdc galaxy s4, exynos single encounter, and my phone is mtk6589. fastcardtech, lies, sells mobile as exynos but it is

  33. tonyhrc

    LCD = RX_499t_607A NOT WORKING
    sp flash tool NOT WORKING
    sp multiport flash download project working screen not working rom hdc galaxy with N9500 ​​s4

    1. pollák mário


      Where did you get the rom?

      usb recognize?

      if bad preloader file IN brick phone

  34. tonyhrc

    hi all, not if it is the right place, but I have a hdc exynos galaxy s4 (real mtk6589) and the GPS did not work, update the rom, talkingmobi.com/hdc-galaxy-s4-i9500-rom-update-announcement and voila phone that will not turn on, then charge him needrom.com/mobile/hdc-galaxy-s4 rom / and if you turn sound, buttons, touch, but do not see anything on the screen, that works with droid explorer android sdk and see the phone on the PC, you think that the error is in the display driver? or the screen is broken?
    sensor values ; Main sensor = ov8825_mipi_raw (back to camera), Sub sensor = hi253_yuv (front), LCD = LT050ANKP019A?

    1. pollak mário

      sensor values ; Main sensor = ov5647_mipi_raw, Sub sensor =hi253_yuv LCD =RX_499t_607A

      SP TOLL download button clicked??

  35. tonyhrc

    hi all, not if it is the right place, but I have a hdc exynos galaxy s4 (real mtk6589) and the GPS did not work, update the rom, talkingmobi.com/hdc-galaxy-s4-i9500-rom-update-announcement and voila phone that will not turn on, then charge him needrom.com/mobile/hdc-galaxy-s4 rom / and if you turn sound, buttons, touch, but do not see anything on the screen, that works with droid explorer android sdk and see the phone on the PC, you think that the error is in the display driver? or the screen is broken? thanks

  36. mario pollak

    I upgraded my hdc i9500 galaxy s4 exynos preloader file: e2006_v89_hydy_jingdong but it show v89_hydy_jingdong. Why? Help me pls.

  37. blackvise


    i purchased an s4 clone with 4.2.2 jellybean (1) microsim model.

    i factory reset the phone,

    afterwards the phone does not recognize my sim card..any help?

    the phone does not read the sim card

    no error message appearing on screen

    sim management option is greyed out

  38. Daniel

    Hi AGAIN,

    can you please confirm, that my phone can use this ROM?

    My order nr. is SN2013040537999 , Payment time is 2013-04-05 21:47:47
    phone description is HDC GALAXY SIV – MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz 4.99inch HD 1280 IPS Screen Android 4.2.1 Phone.

    I do not want to damage the phone, so please confirm that this ROM will work for my phone.

    Thank you ! ! !

  39. Kostas

    the screen glass is broken…. very unlucky… is there a replacement and can i do it alone? i want to fix that…

  40. roland szatmari


    I have HDC Galaxy S4 exynos. I have a problem, when I call out the screen goes black, and I charge my battery full, but it very fast discharge or when I restart my phone, it show my battery percentage 10-20%. Can you help me someone?

  41. pollak mário

    hello could you help mahone0810 the phone would be it new rom?? thank

    hadc galaxy s4 i9500 exynos 5410

  42. Norbert

    i bought my phone from a person in spain, who bought it from Fastcardtech. He says he bought the exynos version, but mine shows MT6589.
    so it sounds like i have 1 of 500 who were flashed wrong.
    Who can i be sure is do have the exynos version with the wrong rom?

    i dont want to brick my phone by flashing to a rom which is not compatible for my phone.

    you show the sp[ecifications from z-device with the correct information. can you show a screenshot from a exynos version with the wrong rom installed on it?

  43. Helder

    Hi, I just received my hdc galaxy s4. It’s great but the only thing is that when I call out the screen goes black. The only way to hang up is to press the power button. Please help. Thanks

    1. mahone0810

      Dear pal,
      Thanks for your supporting us, and for your questions,
      You have three ways to fix the black screen problem.
      1. pls go setting- display- there should be a light senor calibration there.
      2. if step 1 is helpless, pls take down the screen guard to check again.
      3. you can go to the factory model to fox it. Pls click volume- and power button to enter the factory model, and then you can do a full test.
      4. if all are helpless, you can contact me again, and i will give you a rom to flash.

      1. leonil

        hi mahone couyld u please send me the link for the correct ROM. it seems all the ROM here makes my phone go blank after flash. Thanks.

  44. rudy

    kan iemand mij helpen ik heb een clone s4 i9500 MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz
    telefoon werkt verder goed alleen zeer slechte gps .
    Weet iemand een oplossing voor mij.

  45. marvolo


    if i clicked Download button on the SPTool, what happen? I dont want if my phone be dead.

  46. ALF


  47. iulian

    Hi ,
    I am happy owner of a brand new HDC S4
    my HDC ,
    1. weak WIFI
    2. GPS in Z-device test connect on 3 sat but is necessar clear sky and long time minim 5 minute , in any nav program not connect with any sat .
    3. Compass . no.
    4. Radio Fm , work
    I read all comment and still unclear , someone really succed with new Rom ?
    what , work , and what remain faulty ?

  48. Javier

    Could you please let us have for download the galaxy s4 bootanimation and shutanimation that came from the HDC galaxy s4 exynos I bought from you? I had to flash it and now I miss the logo. Thanks

  49. Daniel


    can you please confirm, that my phone can use this ROM?

    My order nr. is SN2013040537999 , Payment time is 2013-04-05 21:47:47
    phone description is HDC GALAXY SIV – MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz 4.99inch HD 1280 IPS Screen Android 4.2.1 Phone.

    I do not want to damage the phone, so please confirm that this ROM will work for my phone.
    Thank you very much ! ! !

    1. leonil

      don’t do it it will brick your phone.
      I am still looking for solution. the techsupport of FCT does not help at all.

  50. ALF



  51. ALF


  52. charis

    They delete comments… Interesting…
    I will start a dispute because the product has..
    Faulty specifications, Faulty software…
    I will leave info.

    1. shaheed84

      yup deleted all my comments and links lol. Just trying to help.

      1. javimarinc

        can you send me what you have done to my email please javimarinc@gmail.com

  53. javimarinc

    No more ROMS mahone080 ? Please, upload the ROM you are introducing for the new devices!

  54. apismayb

    i have a same problem… help meeeee.. pleaseeee??

  55. Kostas

    So i think its time to sum all things up… if anyone DID fix the phone and the phone works, please be kind enough to give us the links fot the ROM and the instructions on how to do it, because i myself downloaded 3 ROMS already and all abort when i try to flash them, with the first method (through SD crd). Maybe the administrator of the blog himself? or just a user who managed to gey it to work….We will all be thankful for the time and patience!!!

    Thank you

    1. charis

      The link of the rom is in the begining of the article of this page.
      Read very carefull the page that describes how to flash the ROM.
      The ROM that you wll download is FOR THE SECOND METHOD only. You have to use your PC.
      The second method is more difficult but we dont have a choice.
      1./ install the drivers. Search in web (I dont remember the link, if you will not find, I will search again) for — drivers preloader MT65xx download–. The PCmust recognize phone. It is a step that I didnt succed from the first time. Be patient.
      2./ Use the flash tool. Follow the instructions. Better to download the newer version (I think 3.13…). Inside the page that describes how to flash is people that give the link for the newer version.

      All the above are written in the two pages. This one and the page on how to flash. I dont have something to add because first I have to rewrite the 2 pages. I had some problems, trying to finish the method, but maybe you will not have the same problems.
      If you have windows 8, run everything in compatibility mode of previous version.

      At the end I can use GPS, I dont see compass.

      Αν δε βρεις άκρη, θα επικοινωνησουμε μαλλον μεσω ιμειλ ή τηλ.
      καλή τύχη.

      1. Kostas

        wifi and camera? and also the flash is very week, its impossible to have night shots. are they all fixed with new rom?

        1. charis

          Wifi is little bit stronger with new ROM. Not the strongest in the world but works good. Not connection problems.
          Camera…, I didnt mention problems from the begining. Better than expected. I can photo in absolute dark. Flash looks ok to me.
          If you dont send phone back you have to try the new ROM.
          Bad is, they dont release firmware for sd card option flash (easier method). The more difficult thing is to make phone recognizable by PC with the mt65xxxxx .. drivers. After, flash is easy.
          This is clone phone with some things that you have to leave with.. like bad or cheap construction mistakes… but, I think is much more interesting phone than some 250EUR, 4″ samsung phones on the market.
          Future will saw…

    2. mahone0810

      man… that’s a cable flash rom…..

      1. javimarinc

        And so I did but GPS still not working…is there a new ROM?

  56. charis

    I made a mistake… My GPS seems ok now. I had the first fix yesterday, through GPS test. I made a mistake, because I didnt know. I will describe it, because maybe somebody has done the same mistake. During the tests I was using my old phone to communicate. I thought that GPS works like the GPS that you have inside the car. BUT NOT. The GPS on the phone, needs the sim card to work. And A-GPS needs also data to download from connection. I place the sim card yesterday, (after reading some articles about..) and I left open the wifi. For the first time I had a fix.!! After I closed the wifi and also I had fix.. Today I tried without wifi, walking on the street and after 5-10 minutes I also had a fix…
    I think my problem is solved. Of course GPS is not the fastest one, but works.
    I still believe that I have to find a way to ask for compensation amount from FCT for all those days. Faulty ROM and of course bad, really bad service in a problem that looks to be real.
    I hope that somebody will be helped from my solution.

    1. mahone0810

      Pretty good for you.

  57. Jaschi

    I became a phone and it was dead.the Display are black,it goes not on.
    I Flash te new Rom and the phone also dead.
    i think it was a great joke of FCT
    i am waiting for a answer wat can we do.
    Ist not god fgor the factory FCT
    i think i will back my moeny

    1. charis

      If is not the battery (need charge), then you have problem.
      If battery is not charged, you can flash the new ROM (you dont need to be 70% as they say) but you cant after open the phone (black screen). I had similar issue, and for some hours I was confused and thought phone was dead, but battery was drained.

  58. Kostas

    in mine, the radio is not working either. also i agree, the phone is 6589 and NOT exynos, its 1.2 and NOT 1.7GHz, and its NOT 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM, but 1GB RAM, 2GB ROM.

    liars. avoid. im calling PAYPAL in two days if i dont get a reply from them soon

    1. charis

      My FM radio works but you can hear only through earrings.
      I dont know if replacing the FM radio app with another app i will be able to listen from the speakers…

  59. tim

    The CPU frequency is not 1.7GHz, and the chip is not Exynos as they claim either. The maximum is still 1.2GHz (like other MTK6589 phones). You can download other free apps like CPU Spy, CPU Identifier, CPU Master and check. They all show that the chip is MTK6589 and the max frequency is 1.2GHz. I believe some other users claiming that fastcardtech fudge the responses to Antutu so it shows 1.7GHz max. Not that we can see much difference in these max frequencies anyway :), but just to confirm about the trading practice of this company.

    I definitely will ask for refund back via Paypal unless fastcardtech can show a video showing this phone GPS working. Surely they can make that video and show to existing buyers? Not much to ask as after-sales support (what support?).

  60. mez

    pour ceux qui se galere voila le bon sp flash tool

  61. tim

    @javimarinc, (I tried replying twice beneath your post but could not see my posted reply, so here it is)

    I follow the instructions in this blog:

    1. Download the ROM from http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=460104&uk=3492853244
    2. Unpack the RAR file
    3. The flashing instructions are in http://www.talkingmobi.com/mtk-phones-flashing/
    3a. Load the ADB USB driver
    3b. Start Flash_tool, open the scatter file from step 2
    3c. Take battery off phone
    3d. Connect phone to USB port
    3e. Click “Firmware->Upgrade” in Flash_tool
    3f. Put battery into phone but do not turn phone on
    3g. The upgrade will start, you can see the progress bar
    3h. When the upgrade completes, you will see a green circle window.
    3i. Unplug USB connection, the phone now has a new ROM

    The phone may have the GPS chip in it, but the ROM (even the new one) does not use it correctly. I went outdoor for 15minutes, and still could not see any GPS signal. My Nexus 7 gets signal in 2 seconds, even indoor.

    1. TITO

      YES… GPS is good after this :

      1. tim

        @TITO, have you actually got GPS working with this procedure? I went through all these and still got no GPS. If you got it working, I wonder whether there are hardware differences between phones they sell.

    2. awie3780


      1. mahone0810

        you sure you did not flash a wrong rom then pls flash again.

      2. leonil

        same here buddy. nothing comes out of the screen.
        the ROM used was from the baidu link site; http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=460104&uk=3492853244
        it is the same files (i checked) posted on the needrom site; http://www.needrom.com/mobile/hdc-galaxy-s4-i9500-exynos-5410/

        tried both ROM but same result, dead screen. flashing 5x now, nothing. any one can help ?

      3. jay a mj

        some problem cant boot or blank screen it’s because
        battery drained

        i have a same problem
        but solved now

        first you should prepare
        – destop charger or anything hardware to charge batery without phone

        then charge about 1 hour or more

        one hour later

        turn on

        i hope trouble my answer can fix your trouble

  62. helver73


  63. Rogerutley

    I know it does not make sense..but i do just as you say and cant get into recovery mode ..sticks in death robert for a minute then reboots on its own.any thoughts?

    1. javimarinc

      Try ir another time, dont stop pressing the buttons untill it starts the recovery mode. You can also try pressing volume button and on/off button, but in my case in that way starts the factory mode

  64. Rogerutley

    Trouble with me downloading rom may have to do with it being a rar file…i am clueless what to do

    1. tim

      After you download and save the RAR file, if you open the file, Windows can unpack it into directories & files.

  65. tim

    I managed to download the new ROM from the new link http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=460104&uk=3492853244. After flashing it to the phone, only the descriptions changed (from MTK6589 to Exynos 5410, from screen size of 1920×1280 to 720×1280, etc.). BUT there is still no working GPS, no compass, Wifi still weak as before. Looking at all the HDC phones that fastcardtech sells, and their release frequencies (almost new ones daily), all with the same chipset, only with minor variations, I think fastcardtech is conning the users. The phone is nowhere near the specs of the originals (whether Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, or Apple iPhone), only the names are used to make people believe that they are clones worthwhile to buy. The reality is that these phones are expensive, with no warranty, no after-sales support. I will never touch fastcardtech again.

    1. javimarinc

      Can you tell me how do you flash the phone? I mean, from where have you download the programs and what have you done? I dont achieve it and I dont know why 🙁
      By the way, I think you have one year warranty, if you dont believe in it you may root your phone and use it with no barriers, because if you start the factory mode (having the phone off, press the volume – and the on/off buttons at the same time) you can see that it really have GPS (you can test it and after some seconds the device will notify which satelites it achieve to connect and details of the strenght of the signal. Thaere is the reason due to I want to change the ROM, I want my GPS!

  66. roger utley

    someone please please tell me how to get this phone into recovery mode………..also i am having same problem as everyone else downloading the rom….i have spent hours on this..have had about all i can take

    1. javimarinc

      It is easier than I had said before, just pressing the +volume button and then the ON/OFF. Hold the two buttons, the android icon in blue, still pressing the two buttons. The icon will dissapear and then will appear another time. Still holding them untill the android shows with the gut shows opened. Then press “before” key and there you are.

      1. Rogeru

        Thx for reply.. Do i still hold other buttons when I press back button…. Also how long do I press back button? Thanks

        1. javimarinc

          When the android icon with the gut opened appear you can stop pressing the other buttons, then press back key ( and the menú will appear. I have tried to install the ROM in this way but I cant, if you achieve it, please tell me what have you done. Thanks

          1. Rogerutley

            Thx for reply…heck…i cant even download the rom…i had orded it rooted and it was not…i am thinking of just giving up and sending phone back..i am not convinced new rom will fix gps

  67. Aron

    For several days trying to solve all the above problems exinos s4 smart phone, I lost over 50 hours without any results, I am very unhappy and angry at fastcardtech, on their websites selling unfinished products with false specification. Thank them

  68. Joe

    This smart phone is one big fraud, the phone has a bad and weak hardware, ROM only manipulate data in the description of mobile phones. Nothing is as stated in the description, RAM, processor, camera, is far less than what is stated in the description.
    After inserting the new ROM is still weak wi-fi, GPS does not work, 3G does not work, the cameras are catastrophic nothing is better just to manipulate the description of the hardware in your cell phone,
    I’ll ask for a full refund

    1. tim

      From other blogs, it is very hard, if not impossible, to get refund from fastcardtech. So you have to be careful. If you are sending back the phone first, you may never see phone nor refund.

  69. javimarinc

    Hello everyone.

    I have tried to install it in both modes (sd card and usb) I cant.
    I have finally discovered how I can switch the recovery mode, and what I´ve done is to download the new ROM from the link ( http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=460104&uk=3492853244 ) I have unrar it and I have done a ZIP file with the thing that were in the rar file (the one I have just download from the link). In the recovery mode I start the instalation but then ther comes the ” Installation aborted”, and in the post of how to flash MTK devices you said that if that appears there is something wrong in the ROM, what can I do?

    1. roger utley

      me too…i could not even get to recovery mode…how did you do it?
      i have spent hours and hours on …i finally gave up and sent phone back….paypal was not helpful at all..even spent 50 buck on a tech that all does is phone software..he was unable also…now i spent 26 dollars to ship back to fastcard…so I out 76 dollars…plus 45 for the cell phone plan for a phone I do not even have…tech support just keep the same thing over and over….but do like the phone…if i ever get gps to work

  70. Eem

    GPS and compas still not working !!!

    Theis phone ought to have 2 GB of ram but it has only 1 GB. Seller please be hones to your customers !!! The ROM manipulates info about phone!

    1. javimarinc

      Even though I also believe that the core is a MTK6589 in stead of Exynos (the principal reason that I attend at the time of buying this device), it really have 2gb RAM, I have not flash the phone yet, but if you go to Settings>Apps>Running you can see in the below bar the total RAM and what you are using.

      I dont know what you were searching for, but if I finally make the GPS works I will be really happy with this device, but I´m with you, probably the new ROM tries to lie us with the core and Exynos will rather better, but, looking other specifications, the device has HSDPA+ and its not suppossed to have, you only look bad things.

  71. difool

    GPS et Compas toujours pas fonctionnel …… c’est vraiment prendre les acheteurs pour des cons …

  72. arbiteur

    HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 can creates you a video explanatory how to put has in the daytime?

  73. Nestor Salas

    I highly recommend you that download the new file, cause the first ROM they upload at saturday, it had problems! Then they upload another ROM I download and it was fine, I using it without problems. Today I read mahome user upload a new ROM, but I will not download it cause my phone it’s OK and I do not know if there is a difference between the new ROM and the 2nd ROM they upload that I have buddie.
    The server where file is host, it’s a bad server, saturday I spent 6 hours to download that file, and it stop many times, 2 days after It took 10 minutes to download, be patient buddie.
    I made the usb flash way, due to the first way not worked at me. If you can do the first do it! When you download the file you can rename it changing the end by .zip instead of .rar without problem. Its better that the extension be .zip

    1. roger utley

      i love the phone..but without the gps it does me no good..at what point do i send it back?

    2. leonidas

      vre patrida sthle mou plirofories sxetika me thn 2 rom gt mono thn 3 vrisko pleon kai an kai katafera na thn valo moufa h douleia an thes kai mporeis sthle mou ……leops3002002@yahoo.gr euxaristo.

  74. tim

    Has anyone successfully flashed the correct (original) ROM using the USB cable as described in this blog, and confirmed that GPS & Wifi is working as they should?

    1. mahone0810

      we have uploaded a new rom and everybody pls download again to check. thanks.

      1. javimarinc

        I understand that the correctly ROM is in http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=460104&uk=3492853244

    2. Nestor Salas

      I flashed successfully my S4 exynos I9500 phone with the 2nd ROM they upload.
      I used SP Flash Tool V.1.125xxx.
      Wifi and GPS are working fine, and I tested them with Z Device Test.
      Now Antutu shows correct and real information: Exynos 5410 cpu, Display 720×1280, screen density 326 DPI, etc. Average Score: 12600-13000 scores.

      1. roger utley

        what do I need a flash tool for…do i need to convert the rar file? also
        the way i was told to put in recovery mode does not work

  75. KOstas

    You can put any number you want as the new IMEI?? Or you must find the right IMEI to put??? Thanks

    1. tim

      Why not using the IMEI written inside the phone, behind the battery? Surely they are the original ones.

      1. KOstas

        You re absolutely right. That’s what I m asking. So theres no problem using those right?

        1. Nestor Salas

          you must use both IMEI numbers placarded behind cell phone near battery, due to you will not have a future network error; but you can use any IMEI number you want to. It depends too of your country laws.

    2. mahone0810

      any imei.

  76. Nestor Salas

    What is the problem? Still the display failure? or stuck what? write at my email please.

    1. javimarinc

      The problem now is that the link of the new ROM doesnt work fine, and it stops before the download is done.
      Another question I want to do is, woul the recovery mode read .rar in stead of .zip ? Because I tried to install the previous ROM (that was also .rar) and doesnt appear.

  77. Nestor Salas

    Somebody knows how to put IMEI numbers again? I flashed correctly with SP FLASH TOOL to the new ROM, but when I start the cell phone it appears “INVALID IMEI” on both sims. It seems like the IMEI NUMBERS were erased!!

  78. mike

    Flashage réussi apres plusieurs essais, mais le GPS ne fonctionne pas.

    Premier achat d’un téléphone chinois, et je suis trés mécontent.

    Je pense diffuser largement ma mauvaise experience sur facebook, et contre le site Fastcardtech afin que d’autres ne fassent pas la même erreur que moi.

  79. kat

    I got the same error with HDC exinos galaxy
    please if someone solve problems

  80. Nestor Salas

    To everyone, I fixed the problem of the I9500 HDC S4, all that I did was to download again the S4 ROM (maybe the fist ROM that sent FCT.com was wrong because the size is differents from now to after), and unzip it into the desktop and to change the name of the “Samgung9510_Android_scatter_emmc” to “MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc”, then flash it with “SP_Flash_Tool”.
    Good luck!

    1. Kostas

      bravo re file!!!!

    2. TonoDoank

      That doesn’t work for me, still get stuck like i wrote previously.
      can you share your email address, i’m going to forward what’s my problem so you can get clear information, maybe you can help. Here my address “TonoDoank123@gmail.com”..

      Appreciate for your help..


      1. Nestor Salas


        1. TonoDoank

          Thanks for your responce. i send to your mail already. Come please check and share that you know. Now i’m stuck, it is better waiting FastCardTech responce to have warranty repair/exchange perhaps (this is what i hope).

          if anyone had mahone0810 email address, kindly please share to me.

          Thanks and Regards,

    3. mahone0810

      you are right.

  81. Nestor Salas

    Hi, This is regarding to put the corrected ROM of the HDC S4 I9500 that you sold me.
    I did every thing that you said and I tried to flash the cell phone into the “smart phone flash tool” and with the yellow bar at 90% it gives me an error: “brom error: s_da_sdmmc_write_failed (3149)”
    What I should do?
    Thank you

  82. TonoDoank

    Hi mahone0810,
    Nice to know that these is good source to gain more knowladge and information..
    I have problem with these phone, i brought HDC i9500 Exynos and here My order no.SN2013051308230.
    The phone when i received is OK, after doing normal operation which is admire those performance. At that time, i don’t do anything. Only Turn ON wifi, download Antutu, Install it and RUN it with score 13247 (It is Normal). After using for about 2Hours in my hand (setting menu, open camera, galery etc..) it’s suddently freezing and the display shown like “vertical rainbow line”. After that it completely Dead. Charger doesnt work, Power button not responding at all. Screen just Blank/blank, now it’s Dead Phone.

    I send an email to support tech with detail picture of the phone condition, and he ask to Flash the phone just like on the annouchment last saturday if i’m not wrong.
    And now, here the process. I have problem during flash, i have tried several FlashTool.
    (SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1248.0.96, v3.1224.01, v3.1252.1.104)
    1) Scatter file “Samsung5410_Android_scatter_emmc” inside the folder can’t be used, error windows Pop-Up “Error : Initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal”.
    2) Continue using another scatter file from HDC i9500 MTK6589 (get from talkingmobi.com), Yes it’s OK.
    3) After automatic check all file adress and confirmed, Firmware-Upgrade and connect Phone. Then shown another error message again, like this note..
    “SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : (8200)
    [Platform Error] The load and target are inconsistent!
    The load to be downloaded is for MT6589;
    The target platform is .
    Please select a correct load according to the target to download”

    My Question is :
    Why these happen and do you have a solution for these.??
    Do you have an email address so i can send you the picture/attachment and snapshoot of everything that happen to the phone, so these case can be clear.

    Really appreciate for your responce.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. mahone0810

      rename it to “MT6589_

  83. tim

    I have the same problem here, that the flashtool gave an error in reading the scatter file. I do not think fastcardtech is serious in supporting existing customers. The phone is sold with unperforming ROM, then the ‘fix’ is wrong and unloadable.

  84. Miky

    I tried flashtool but does not load the scatter. Flashtool says “error. initializing scatter file failed. Check the name of the scatter file which you load is legal.”

  85. difool

    cela ne change rien toujours pas de compas et de gps …

    it does not change still no compass and gps …

  86. Kostas

    please upload the rom to another host, because the link you give, always breaks, and then you have to start again, and then it breaks download again

    1. romas

      va turek 😉

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