Jul 16

Here Active Listening- Change The Way You Hear The World!

Use two wireless buds and a smartphone app to control

what you hear and how you hear it.

Here Active Listening is a wireless interative listening system.

Through two truly wireless, in-ear buds and a smartphone app, Here allows you to instantly control real world audio so you can hear what you want to hear – no matter the situation – and be fully immersed in your audio environment.

Here does not stream or play recorded music. Instead, the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) inside Here acts as a studio in your ears by providing you with a volume knob, equalizer and effects to transform real world audio. Use this “remote control for your ears” to have an optimal listening experience every time.

Here Active Listening

Here Active Listening provides a audio curation tools for every live environment.

Here has been engineered to give you control of any and all live listening experiences: Suppress the jet engine on an airplane. Reduce a baby crying. Boost the bass at a club. Live mix a concert by adding reverb. Enhance your senses and personalize every listening experience.

Here Active Listening 3

1. real world volume control

2. live music equalizer

3. sound effects

4. preset filters

5. preset modes


Here is not meant to replace your headphones, headsets, or earbuds. The Here Active Listening System is designed for live listening environments, and is optimized for targeted, episodic use in live scenarios (e.g. concerts, stadiums, flights) where you can control and curate what’s happening in real time. Put simply, earbuds are for listening to recorded audio. Here buds are for engaging with real world sound.

Here Active Listening

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