Jul 15

Hisense E625T ROM For Android 4.4.4 Was Released

Recently, I found a Hisense E625T ROM. Here I share it with you, and tell you how to install the Rom.

Hisense E625T ROM Introduction:

      • Title: Hisense E625T
      • Listed: 05/06/2015 3:26 am
      • ROM Version: ROM Android 4.4.4

Hisense E625T ROM

Hisense E625T ROM Description:

ROM Phone Hisense E625T – ROM Android 4.4.4
Official ROM Hisense E625T Version: E625T_SW_ L1099.
No Rooted
Language support : EN/CN

Hisense E625T ROM Preparation:

1. Prepare a TF card ( capacity TF card must be less than or equal to 2G) , first card formatted in FAT format TF.
2. Unrar the downloaded rom brush , which will be copied to the E625T_v1.bin root directory of TF card package.
3. Confirmed that the battery is greater than 50 %, if the battery is low, please charged.
4. TF card into the phone , the battery in the phone. The preparatory work is completed.

How to install the ROM:

1. The phone is off, hold the “Volume + + + VOLUME DOWN button power button” three keys , phone mode upgrade to begin the upgrade .
2. Brush word “OK” after the success.
3. Simply remove the battery.
4. Then connect the phone battery , press the power button on the phone to boot. After starting in the phones menu “Settings” Save and Reset – restore factory settings – Reset phone – all clear content .
5. The phone will automatically restart and recover the state of the factory, the screen saver .
6. Success!
Please Click here to Download ths ROM.
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