Jul 15

Huawei Will Launch Huawei Honor 7 Today! Make Live Comments To Win 399 Yuan Headphones!

In this afternoon of 3 O’clock, Huawei will be held 2015 Honor product news conference in the Olympic stadium in Beijing University of Technology, officially released the annual flagship Huawei Honor 7. Then, we take the live scene to bring the first news.

Huawei Honor 7 2

According the previous reports, Huawei Honor 7 is expected to come in two variants. The both versions will adopt different frame designs and materials. This new device will feature fingerprint identification, 4G LTE, and 20MP rear camera.

Huawei Honor 7

As the vital Product pricing 2000 yuan of Huawei, Huawei Honor 7 is worth looking forward to the various aspects of performance, and its price will turn out to be a big surprise.

For returning back the consumers, Huawei will give 2 headphones which prices 399 yuan. The headphone supports active noise reduction, a mega bass effect, using the cool metal shell.

Registered users who only participate in the live page comments will have access to win the above prize. Everyone actively participate in the comments to win the greater prize.


– Fastcardtech News