Jul 16

The First Wi-Fi Electric Kettle- iKettle

The First Wi-Fi Electric Kettle- iKettle

The small home appliances manufacturers- the Firebox launched the first Wi-Fi electric kettle- iKettle in the world, and its price will be set at 99.99 pounds.
iKettle 2

The First Wi-Fi Electric Kettle- iKettle Function:

The first Wi-Fi electric kettle- iKettle maybe just a fashion modeling of electric kettle at first glance, but a few buttons pedestal part exposes its supporting to Wi-Fi. Ypu just use a dedicated application, then you can use smart phone remotely control electric kettle electricity. It is interesting to note that the App also carry the alarm clock function, you can set an alarm clock, while pushing yourself up by the burning hot boiling water.
iKettle 4

The First Wi-Fi Electric Kettle- iKettle usage ways

You can set the 65/80/95/100 ℃ hot water temperature, preventing the function of the empty to burn. Set temperature can be completed in abutment button, also you can be done poke the mobile phone. The IKettle lid can be completely uninstalled, so it is easy to use. The application supports IOS and Android systems, using the IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless networks, kettle 1.8 L capacity, weight 1.6 kg.
IKettle has full access to the market at present, the domestic some treasure search keyword “iKettle” can be the choose and buy.
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