Jun 12

An iPad 1 looking Windows Tablet PC

Windows tablet? In order to open up a place for the x86 platform in tablet market, Intel did lots of things recently, as they launch lower power Z670 processor of Oak Trail platform, plan to transplante Android3.0 to the X86 platform, and advertise their Meego system everywhere. We can see that Intel’s determination to enter the portable field. From the current point of view, only Intel can handle Windows tablet system, although the Atom chip shipments cannot compete with ARM’s.


This Windows tablet equips Atom N455 CPU, 1.66GHz, 10.1” (1204×768) capacitance touchscreen, 1GB RAM and 16GB SSD. It pre-loads Windows7 OS, has 3000mAh Li-ion battery and 800g weight. Reference price is around $293 USD.



9.7” (1024×768) capacitance touchscreen

Two USB ports, earphone jack, HDMI output and lightness control

Power switch, power indicator, charging indicator, charging socket and cooling vents

The black cover can be removed, the SD card slot and 3G SIM card slot inside.

The middle is thicker than four sides and the thickest point in middle is 17mm.

The back is made of aluminum alloy, easy heat.

So how is this Windows tablet ?

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