Jul 16

iPal- A Eye Tracking Camera

iPal- A Eye Tracking Camera

Yesterday, I found a new technology product, which is very useful, amazing and cool. Now I share some information about it with you.

Most of the time, some scenes come all of a sudden, disappearing too fast. It is too late to wait you to lift the camera to record down. Using iPal camera would not have such trouble. iPal- A Eye Tracking Camera is a type of glasses, which can automatically track users movement of pupil, taking a picture of what users see directly.


Users do not need to use ordinary camera to take and focus through the tracking of the pupil. The iPal- A Eye Tracking Camera automatically point and focus the work done. While pressing the shutter action also can be completed by the eyes, at this moment, you just need to blink your eyes.

In addition to the single photo, iPal has camera function. In the condition of camera, iPal would continue to standby for 120 minutes.


By bluetooth, WIFI and cable, IPal can be connected to the phone. Users can through the APP to the default Settings, such as sharing website. After the user takes photograph, he or she just need to close eyes to share photos.


Using iPal is so natural, it’s like external extension of the eye. When you are watching a wonderful game, you do not need to concentrate fully on the pitch, you can photograph highlights at any time; Others, however, can only look at mobile phone screen, and prepared to take pictures at any time, multitasking. Enjoy the same game, iPal win more wonderful for you. IPal lowest price is now $99.