Sep 05

iPhone 5 Getting A Curved Glass Display


One of the newer rumors making the rounds for the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, as some people are speculating it will be named) is the device reportedly getting a curved glass screen.  Yep, similar to the one on the iPod Nano 4G.  Or, more fittingly, the Samsung Nexus S, the first smartphone to feature a “contoured display.”
Broken by Digitimes, the rumor was spurred by Apple’s also-rumored purchase of between 200 to 300 glass cutting machines.  According to the same source, manufacturers were hesitant to cover cost for the equipment themselves (should Apple decide not to pursue the curved glass design, they’re screwed), so the Cupertino crew went ahead and bought it themselves.
The glass slicing machines are reportedly being stored at the different assembly plants for now and will only go online when yield rates for the curved glass production reaches a “satisfactory level.”   In the meantime, Apple is supposedly still working with suppliers of the various components (glass cover, glass cutting, lamination, and touch sensors), making sure that everything ties in together.
At any rate, the WWDC is coming near and a formal announcement should clear everything up.  With that said, we hope they do call it the iPhone 5.  Going back to the ridiculous “S” at the end will just muddle their naming conventions and nobody needs that.