Sep 05

Things We Want On The iPhone 5 But Will Never Get


WWDC has come and gone, yet we remain uncertain about what the iPhone 5 has in store.  I’m hoping it will, at least, have some of these.  But of course, it won’t.

Micro-HDMI out.  Everybody’s got one, so why not the iPhone?  It already supports high-quality video, so why not throw in a facility to let me connect it to my HDTV.  That is, without having to buy another accessory.  Grrr.
Expandable storage.  I understand that there are reasons for limiting access to  external storage.  It is a pain, though, considering how simple of hardware change it will be and how much of a convenience it will send a user’s way.  I’ll even take strictly read-only access to the SD card, just so I can load my stuff in there without having to fill up the onboard storage or having to go the cloud route.
Flash support.  I have an Android tablet and being able to run Flash on the browser makes a huge difference.  The App Store has some of the best apps and all, but Flash support is something that Android will continue to have as a major selling point.
Removable battery.  If there’s anything I hate about today’s mobile gadgets, it’s the seemingly growing preference for non-removable batteries.  It’s grating.  With a removable module, all I have to do is carry a previously charged spare when I’m out on the road for extended periods.  Without it, I’m stuck having to find an outlet every single time I’m drained.  It’s stupid.

Like I said, none of these will likely come with the new iPhone 5.  Doesn’t mean we can’t throw a request every now and then, right?