Sep 13

iPhone 6 Conference- What on Earth You Brought to US?

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Brought to us


Apple said iPhone 6 Plus is “Bigger Than Bigger”, SONY Xperia XL39h smiled.


Compared to the iPhone 6 Plus- 5.5inch screen, XL39h- 6.44inch screen which led global mobile phones a year is not joking. Compared the overall dimensions, iPhone 6 Plus: 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm is not as good as XL39h: 179 x 92  x 6.5 mm.



Apple said the iPhone 6 Plus has 1080p FHD display, VIVO Xplay 3s smiled.


Before the release of iPhone 6 Plus, VIVO pioneered Xplay 3s, the 2k specifications screen already reached to 2560 x 1440, far more away than the iPhone 6 Plus 1920 x 1080.



Apple iPhone is 6 “Never Ever Thiner”, Gionee ELIFE S5.5 smiled.


6.9 mm “The Thinnest”, ELIFE S5.5 named to its model and the inside of the 5.5 mm, thinness of 25.5%!



Apple said iPhone 6 is “a special view of the main rotation screen”, SONY UXP interface smiled.


In March 2013, SONY mobile products began to use new UXP interface, the special view on iPhone 6 is somehow same with UXP mode.



Apple said, “with the ac 802.11 wireless network connection, the iPhone 6 wireless connection speed up to 3 times faster than the iPhone 5s”, then Samsung Galaxy S4 smiled.


Before the launch in March 2013 the latest wifi standard was built-in on Galaxy S4. Samsung can simulate apple’s sentence, “For the selection of the new technology on wifi, we just have 18 months faster than Apple.”



Apple iPhone 6 “Optimize the function of facial recognition”, Casio smiled.


Casio has done the development of face recognition function as early as 2007, model S880 pioneered the usage of digital cameras. Today this “new” function is popular in the field of all digital cameras and mobile phones, apple using its slow as the courage of individual character, made everyone laugh.



Apple said launched Apple Pay, PayPal smiled.


PayPal has been set up as early in 1998 to provide third-party payment regulation function to the online shopping, which is now a very popular international third-party payment platform, and similar third party payment platforms are springing up, Ali-pay in China, of course, is more powerful.



Apple said Apple Pay is a combination of hard and soft security scheme, China Mobile and smiled.


In 2002, China Mobile cooperated with China merchants bank for mobile payment attempts, from a message to the network payment, till 2013, China Mobile officially integrated communication accounts, bank accounts, NFC technology to achieve the mobile payment scheme, and implemented Bank CARDS, NFC payment on mobile phones.



Apple said the iPhone 6 support NFC, Nokia smiled.


In 2004, nokia cooperated with JCDecaux, began to add “Read RFID Tags” on mobile phones, therefore in the NFC forum is built. At the same time they introduced the experimental product- Nokia 6210 with the function of NFC. Although this phone did not eventually show to the market, it is considered to be the first phone to have NFC function.



Apple said The new iPhone 6 Plus is Only 950usd in HK, China Phones smiled.

iPhone 6(850usd in HK) iPhone 6 Plus(950usd in HK)
Xiaomi Mi4(329.99usd) x2 x3
Meizu MX4(294.00usd) x3 x3
HDC Galaxy S5 Spark(215.99usd) x4 x4
Sophone i6(139.99usd) x6 x7

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