Oct 23

Kiphone i6 Plus Disassambly- iPhone 6 Plus Clone?

Kiphone i6 Plus

Kiphone i6 Plus Disassambly

Kiphone i6 Plus a new i6 Plus China Android Phone which has a better hands feeling. Compared with iPhone 6 Plus, this one is also with the fully metal frame and of course a lightening usb port. The screen of the Kiphone i6 Plus is 5.5 inch too, and it carries with MTK6582 Quad Core Processor, 512MB Ram, and 4GB Storage.

Today Fastcardtech Mahone got the first engineer model of Kiphone i6 Plus and disassembed it at once.

Kiphone-i6-Plus-1 Kiphone-i6-Plus-2

It will be easy to open the screen and the frame by some cupulas, also it is easy to destroy the screen, so i will not place the method here and please do not open it yourself.

Kiphone-i6-Plus-3 Kiphone-i6-Plus-4 Kiphone-i6-Plus-5 Kiphone-i6-Plus-6

SD Card is still empty, that means, 16GB/32GB will soon be released.


Also, you can see the structure of the mainboard is excellent, it should be a good device.



Unsnap the LCD FFC, you will see the whole 5.5inch screen which looks pretty nice.

Kiphone-i6-Plus-9 Kiphone-i6-Plus-10

In general, Kiphone i6 Plus has a well-made craft, meanwhile the price of Kiphone i6 Plus is also lower than Sophone i6 Plus. It should be a good phone worth of buying.