Jul 28

The Most Beautiful iPhone 7 Images And Video Leaked

The uncoming iPhone 6s release date has been certificated. The design and outlook of iPhone 6s has no change. So now let us look at some information about iPhone 7, especially iPhone 7 Images. Here is a video for you.

iPhone 7 Images

The key here is the date, as all signs point to the iPhone 6s release date this fall and a major revamp coming in 2016 as the iPhone 7. While some publications and individuals will use iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 interchangeably, we expect an iPhone 7 release date in late 2016, not in months.

As part of the concept video and photos we get a look at potential iPhone 7 specs and a new design. The specs listed below are not official, and merely represent the changes Apple is likely to make in a major release.

  • Sapphire Glass

  • QHD Retina Display

  • Apple A10 Processor

  • 16MP iSight Camera

  • Wireless Apple Dock for Charging and Syncing

Here are some iPhone 7 Images.

iPhone 7 Images 4 5 6 7

The design shows off a glass back like on the iPhone 4 and metal edges that look similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6. At this stage in the game the iPhone 7 design is something that only a handful of people know, and that assumes it is final at this stage in the game.

– Fastcardtech News