May 15

iPhone 7 Photos Leaked: Will You Buy It?

iPhone 7 Photos Leaked: Will You Buy It?

Apple will publish iPhone 7 in September, recently, there are many news talking about this new phone. Just now, we have found iPhone 7 Photos leaked on the website, let’s see some details.
iPhone 7 Photos Leaked: Will You Buy It?

About iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus images, there are some photos leaked on the website, every angle has been showed.

These phones are provides by Catcher Technology, combine with old news, the credibility is very high.

From these images we can see:

1. 3.5 mm headphone jack really doesn’t take, two version don’t have- Letv can rest assured.

2. Back line position move into the top and bottom edges- Meizu wins.

3. Bottom only takes single speaker hole, stereo speakers seems hopeless.

4. iPhone 7 single rear camera, iPhone 7 Plus dual rear camera(it is said that only one version),it is still outstanding, but the camera around doesn’t take the metal ring.

5. Phone 7 Plus also has a Smart intelligent interface Connector.

iPhone 7 Photos Leaked: Will You Buy It?

From my introduction we can see, iPhone 7 sery appearance design style is similar to iPhone 6/6S, Will you choose? I alson recommend a good and cheap Phone: Meizu Pro 6, it looks like iPhone 6S, but price is very cheap. If you want to learn more about this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech. This website gives cheap and valued phones.