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JXD s7100 Android-powered portable game Killer Tablet PC

JXD s7100 Android-powered portable gaming

JXD s7100 Android-powered portable gaming

Jin Xing (JXD) is a Chinese maker of wannabe PSP Gaming Consoles. The first JXD’s Mp4 gaming players were clunkier than the PSP and closely resembled Sony’s device.

The JXD S7100 follows in the long tradition of trying to take a bite out of the PSP’s control over the portable handheld gaming console market.  

Only this time, they have suprised the world by releasing a 2-in-1 Gaming Console and Capacitive Android 2.3 Tablet PC. Released just yesterday this device has already been featured on Engadget and other major blog and news sites.  

They are saying this device “steals” from the PSP and iPad.

Engadget’s Chris Barrylick writes “Not to be undone, the device also features the actual PlayStation button icons on its own buttons (sound familiar?), while the marketing website for the device sports icons from Apple, Google, Microsoft and others. If you’re thus far undeterred, there’s a must-watch promotional vid hosted just after the break — nothing justifies a $159  price tag like Bieber, right?”

Only there are a few specification discrepancies between the Western blogging world, the JXD manufacturer’s site, and the exclusive distributor website ChinaGrabber.


JXD s7100 Android-powered portable gaming

JXD s7100 Android-powered portable gaming

Engadget says, the device has “800 x 480 capacitive touchsceen, ARM Cortex A9 CPU, Mail 400 GPU, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage.”

The manufacturer’s site also has the older outdated specs. ChinaGrabber has the upgraded Android 2.3 Gingerbread model with 1920*1080 multi-touch screen.  In additon, the 16gb model is not available yet; Only the 8 gigabyte version.  Most of the other specifications check out.

The other JXD S7100 features are:
Has D-pad, face buttons,  ARM Cortex A9 CPU, Mail 400 CPU, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 0.3 megapixel front camera, 2.0 megapixel rear camera and HDMI-out.

5-point touch capacitive touch system
Game center game features support for Andrews gravity games, touch games, arcade games, Nintendo 64-bit 3D, Sony PS1 games, GBA games, Sega MD games, FC games, as well as an exclusive download service cloud center, machine-precision wireless download free ROM games.

The S700 boast an over 5 hour battery life and thin dimensions of only 12.35mm. Dual speakers camera, Wifi, and e-book reader support are other treats this 7-inch tablet PC offers.

In my oppinion, this device speaks for itself. I beg to differ with the majority of Western media’s assertions that every Chinese made product steals from a major US brand. It could be said that the Apple iPhone “stole” from South Korea’s LG.

More worrisome is how “Pirates of Silicone Valley” portrayed how Jobs and Apple stole from the phone companies by selling hacked free calls. Or, how Mircrosoft stole from Apple, then Google Android from Apple. Nobody calls any of these products knock-offs.

The JXD S7100 is neither a iPad wannabe even though it has iPhone like icons. Nor is it a PSP wannabe just because it has a D-pad control face buttons pad on each side. The Android OS is open to everyone and Windows is whack and outdated now so who cares?  Oh, “I’m sorry ” Justin Bieber.



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