Apr 08

One key install Google Service

Till now, almost all the phones have already carried with Google Service like framework, Google play, Google Calendar, Gmail, or others. But some of them are still not so convenient. As we mentioned before, we have a web page you can see. There are about 2 methods which posted on it.

Here is the page before: http://www.talkingmobi.com/add-google-services-phone-fastcardtech/

Today i wanna set a new simple one to install the Google Service. What we need to go is just to slide from left to right and this app will auto install Google Service into your phone. First of all, you need to get the phone rooted.

Install the apk

Get the phone rooted.

install the apk

Install the apk.

start the app

Start the app.

slide left to right

Just slide the phone icon from left to right.

ask for root right

Ask for root right, pls click grant.(Left is grant in this picture)

installing google service

Installing google service.

finish installing

Finish installing.

do not tick and restart

Do not tick and just restart your phone.

you can see the google play icon

You can see the google play icon.

add google account

Add google account.

10 11 12 13 14

Now you can see Google Service is successfully installed. Click here to get the app.


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  1. marius

    god bless you ! 🙂

  2. john

    Hi my phone wont load past the apple logo since installing play, can you help

  3. tomasbmw

    hello. how get the phone rooted? thank you.

  4. rs

    hello mahone
    this worked!!! i got an error during install but after restart play store worked..my youtube app stopped working any fix?


    hdc note 2 gt-n7102

    1. mahone0810

      reinstall it.

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