Sep 05

Leaked: Nokia C3-01.5 Is An S40 Dumbphone With A 1GHz Processor

Just when you thought you were starting to understand Nokia, the company does something to put you back in your baffled state.  While this isn’t confirmed, we’re pretty certain this will definitely have you scratching your head: the Nokia C3-01.5, an S40-running dumbphone with hardware that could power a decent smartphone.
We’re not talking about entry-level 600MHz CPUs, either.  This rumored handset supposedly comes with a 1GHz processor, paired with 512MB of RAM.  Yep, puts my nicked and scratch HTC Hero to shame
 What would S40 do with that hardware, though?  I have no idea.  If this phone had a big touchscreen, it would have made sense for cranking through movies and other media files.  Instead, the phone looks like a reboot of the C3-01 Touch and Type, a candybar with an alphanumeric keyboard and a resistive touchscreen.
For the Nokia C3-01.5 iteration, the phone ditches the resistive panel in favor of a ClearBlack capacitive display.  No word on other details, though, but we’re assuming it will retain the same wireless connectivity (3G with HSPA, WiFi, Bluetooth) and decent camera (5.0 megapixel).
There you have it — an S40 phone with beefy processing power.  We guess we’ll have to wait for an official announcement about the Nokia C3-01.5 before we can figure out Nokia’s rationale for the hardware decision.
[via DGui]