Apr 25

Lenovo A65 MTK6573 Review

Lenovo A65 MTK6573 Review


lenovo A65 is just an upgrade of Lenovo A60. The main difference between the two android smartphones is the processor. The A60 has MT6573 650MHz as its CPU while the A65 has a faster MT6573+ 800MHz processor. With an upgraded CPU, you can expect the A65 to run applications faster than its predecessor.

Another variation between the two phones is the slight modification of the A65 with its appearance. As you can see from the photos above, Lenovo A65′s buttons are designed in a stylish way and the labels are placed on the physical buttons themselves.

With regards to all the other specs, I can say that they are identical with the A60′s. I will not elaborate them here anymore but you can read my previous post Lenovo A60 Review for more details.

Now you might be wondering how much the price is. Lenovo A60 costs US$138, and with the upgraded CPU, you may think the A65 is much more expensive than that. However, it’s actually the opposite. The Lenovo A65 sells at only US$126. Honestly, I don’t know why it costs lesser than its predecessor considering the enhanced CPU speed but I don’t think we should worry about that. It’s a great deal for a smartphone with such features and that’s all that matters.

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