Jul 15

Lenovo K910 ROM: Team Superluminal Cyanogenmod 12.1 for Lenovo K910


Recently, I found a Lenovo K910 ROM. This is Team Superluminal cyanogenmod 12.1 port for your Lenovo K910. Here I share it with you, and tell you how to install the Rom.

Lenovo K910 ROM Introduction:

Title: CyanogenMod 12.1 – Team Superluminal

Listed: 06/04/2015 2:39 pm

ROM Version: Android 5.1.1 – CM12.1

Lenovo K910 ROM Description:

Team Superluminal cyanogenmod 12.1 for Lenovo K910

1. CyanogenMod (pronounced sigh-AN-oh-jen-mod), is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for several Android devices.

2. Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, Lenovo, etc.

3. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android.

4. This is Team Superluminal cyanogenmod 12.1 port for your Lenovo K910.

5. Not officially supported, but might work on K910L and K910e.


CM12.1 ROM Highlights

– No manufacturer pre-installed crappy software, you choose what to install!

– Privacy Guard, you choose what permission apps can have!

– Lots of UI tweaks, you choose the UI features!

CM Theme Engine (lots of themes available)

– Overall fast, smooth and stable

– Good battery life

– Performance modes (also power save mode)

– Good multilanguage support

– Pre-rooted (enable in developer settings

– Audio FX (equalizer)

– And all other cyanogenmod goodies! Too much to list here


How to install :

NOTE: If you dont have custom recovery installed yet, please see instructions for that elsewhere. (see TS TWRP recovery page)

1. Boot into lollipop compatible TWRP (or similar) recovery (TS TWRP recommended)

2. Backup -> swipe to backup

When coming from other ROM: (also CM11/CM12 or want to clean install)

3. Wipe -> Factory reset

When updating existing superluminal CM12 ROM:

4. Install cm-12.1-xxxxxxx-UNOFFICIAL-kiton.zip (select from storage or via adb sideload)

5. Install gapps (if you need/like)

6. Gapps can be downloaded from various sources. See download link (BaNkS gapps) at top of the page or get one from here

Install K910 recovery flashable firmware update if needed.

7. Reboot

8. Profit

NOTE: All changes in system partition are lost when you update ROM.


What’s working:

DUAL SIM (Enable in ROM Extra Settgins)

Double tap to wake (Enable in ROM Extra Settgins)

Smart cover (Enable in ROM Extra Settgins)

SIM1 RIL (mobile network & data)

SIM2 RIL (mobile network & data)




Network location

Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)

RM Radio


Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering

Hardware video decoding & encoding





Performance modes


CM Builtin callrecorder

All cyanogenmod goodies

Please Click here to Download Lenovo K910 ROM.

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