May 06

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s- What Has Changed?

Not long before, Letv has published three Letv phones: Letv Le 2, Le 2 Pro nad Le Max, Letv Le 2 is updated version of Letv Le 1s, it changes a lot in appearance design and configurations. Compare to Letv 1s, what does it change? Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s can tell you some details.
Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 1

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s- Specs

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s
Model Letv Le 2 Letv 1s
Screen 5.5 inch 5.5 inch
Pixel 1920×1080 Pixel  1920×1080 Pixel
CPU Helio X20 Helio X10
Storage 32GB 32GB
Camera 8.0MP front Camera, 16.0MP Rear Camera 5.0MP front camera, 13.0MP rear camera
Battery 3000mAh 3000mAh
System EUI 5.6(based on Android OS 6.0) eUI 5.5(based on Android Lollipop)
Network Full Network Mbile, Unicom
Size 151.1×74.2×7.5mm(153g) 151.1×74.2×7.5mm(169g)
Colour Gold, Silver, Grey Gold, Silver
Functions Metal Frame, Touch ID, Quick Charge headphone jack Metal Frame, Quick Charge, Touch ID
Price US$ 199.00 US$ 169.00

From configurations comparsion we can se, about camera, processor and network are changed, abour size, Ram, battery, colour and price don’t change a lot.

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s- Appearance

As Letv 1s updated version, Letv Le 2 changs in some details, Letv L2 still continues Letv 1s full metal frame, ID borderless screen design, it doesn’t change a lot.
Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s 2
Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 3 Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 5 Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 4
About some details, this phone has a little differences, such as back shell, front frame. Otherwise, Le 2 also increases a grey collour, it looks more beautiful than Letv 1s.

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s- Processor

About processor, Letv Le 2 and 1S take different processor, Ram is tha same. Totally speaking, Letv Le 2 takes Helio X20 processor, Letv 1s takes Helio X10 processor. Let’s see Antutu running score.
Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 6 Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 7
From runng test we can see,  Letv Le 2 Antutu running score is around 67000, and Letv 1s Antutu running score is 48000. Compare to Letv 1s, the performance of Letv Le 2 has obviously improvement.

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s- Camera

About camera, Letv L2 compare to Letv 1 has a big improvement, it uses 8.0MP front camera and 16.0MP rear camera, Letv 1s owns 5.0MP front camera and 13.0MP rear camera. Otherwise, le 2 also takes flash and ball type
closed-loop motor equipped with double color temperature, like le 1 s, also support PDAF phase focus, from camera specification, Letv L2 improves a lot.

Letv Le 2 VS Letv Le 1s 8

Letv Le 2 VS Letv 1s- Conclusion

Compare to Letv 1s, Letv Le 2 changes in appearance, performance, camera and network, you can take better experience after using this phone. If you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com here. It will sell this phone soon.