Aug 08

Lifesense BonBon Sports Bracelet- Find Love Here!

Lifesense BonBon

Lifesense BonBon Sports Bracelet Review

BonBon LED Display

Lifesense Show Time

Lifesense Ultra Thin

BonBon Connect Wechat

Lifesense BonBon Function
Top-level configuration, leading algorithms
Configure far the most powerful performance low-power Bluetooth chip and 3D acceleration sensor, measuring precision, high performance and lower power consumption.

Waterproof performance makes you wonder, washing, bathing, you can make it close companions, you can even rinse directly.

Selection of high quality leather belt

Natural quality first layer of leather, perfect toughness, cool black minimalist fashion wild. Double fold leather adhesive, oil side, no car suture, exquisite workmanship.

2 imported batteries
Included two FDK, CR2032 button batteries imported, Using time of up to six months.

Lifesense- Anywhere You Want IT to Be

BonBon- Pedometer

BonBon- Find Love

Lifesense- Water Proof
Customers Review
Lifesense- Customer Review

BonBon- Customer Review

Model BonBon
Style Wrist-Worn
Color Black
Standby Time 3-6 Months
Function Pedometer Motion Tracking Monitoring
Compatibility iOS Platform Android Platform
Application System Android 4.3 or above IOS 7.0 or above
Weight 124g
A shiny and cheap and valued gift to you and your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend.

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