Mar 07

M99 Google 4S+ Phone – Android Market Fix

 Where to start?

O.k., let’s start by downloading this package: CLICK

Unzip it.
Copy the m99 market folder on the sd-card of your phone.
Turn on your phone, go to Settings – Applications – Development and check the USB-Debugging.
Start the Super One Click program on your pc.
Connect your phone to your pc. You phone NEEDS to be recognized as an “ADB-DEVICE” by your pc
Check your Windows device manager if it does. If it DOESN’T, you need to install the adb drives. You will need to point Windows to the
folder that is also included in the download package above.
Once your device is recognized as an ADB device, you are ready to click on “Root” in the Super One Click program. It should take a moment and hopefully your phone will be rooted then
Market / Calendar / Contacts fix:
Basically what you want to do is this: CLICK
As you can see, this person also included the “root explorer” in his post, that is something you will need to have installed on your phone as well.
When your phone is rooted, when you have the M99market folder on your phone’s sd card, when you have the Root Explorer installed on your phone, you are ready to follow these instructions:

Good luck and you are doing all of this at your own risk!