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Mad Skills Motocross 2- Make You Control All Kinds of Motorcycle!


Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cracked Version- Leading You To The King Of The Game

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cracked Version is the lastest game, which is very popular among youngers. Today I share the this game to you. I hope this game can bring funs and exciting feelings.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cracked Version general:

Version: v2.1.0

Size: 46.27M

Language: English

Download: 73607 times

Release: 2015-05-21

Categories: Legal Speed Racing

Apply to: Android 2.3.3 above

Download rates: free

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cracked Version Introduction:

1. Mad Skills Motocross 2 is developed by Turborilla, which is a kind of a horizontal version of the motorcycle cross-country racing game.

2. As a “Mad Skills Motocross” second versionl, this game has been improved in all respects. Game players can control all kinds of motorcycle and make action skills by themselves: accelerating slope, air, high altitude flight landing, and so on. Those playing ways can let a person with a sense of accomplishment.

3. Additionally, the good music can let a person can enjoy the pleasure of the game.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 4

Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cracked Version Updating Introduction:

1. Repair the M8 sausages collapse problem.

2. Fix the BUG.

3. This is the biggest updating version.

4. Join a new “Versus mode”, you can be with your friends or random opponents from around the world, earning XP upgrade and get better locomotive!

5. A new unlocked the motorcycle. This is by far the fastest, coolest locomotive.

6. Seven new rewards. Locomotive, helmets, motorcycle parts, and more.

7. 12 new events.

8. A new, vibrant desert environment.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 6

Here I will tell you how to download the game. If you want to download it, please CLICK HERE!

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