Aug 07

Meizu M2 Note Experience- Let You Know More About This Phone!

Meizu M2 Note has been released for several months. Luckily, I finally buy it on the website store. So here I share Meizu M2 Note Experience fully to you. I hope my article can let you know more information about this Meizu smartphone.

1. Unboxing

Meizu M2 Note Experience

There is still a familiar box, the same size, affixed with seals for “Dream”.

Meizu M2 Note Experience

Openning the box, I found that Meizu M2 Note package is not put on the right position. The inside of the box also made some adjustments in order to adapt to different packing sizes, such as using the plastic bubble, and the change of position of the headset.

Meizu M2 Note Experience

Here is the main role of today!

Meizu M2 Note 3

Looking at all sides carefully, I found that the upper left corner and the lower right corner had been post seals respectively.

Meizu M2 Note

Open it carefully, here is Meizu M2 Note.

Summary: The new package is surprise for me. I found a a piece of plastic on the right side of this new phone. This design can make you take out the phone easily.

2. Specs

Since the release of Meizu M2 Note, we had share you lots of specs, reviews and real images of Meizu M2 Note. Here I don’t talk about specs of this amazing mobile any more.

3. Details

Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note inherits the original habit of Meizu smartphone to use the panel.

Meizu M2 Note

The Meizu M2 Note puts its power button and volume buttons on the left side. In the original design, the power button is put on the top of the phone.

Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note

The flashlight and overall arrangement on the bottom of Meizu smartphones.

Meizu M2 Note

Here is the mback home button.

Meizu M2 Note 2 3Meizu M2 Note

Summary: The Meizu M2 Note features the ultra narrow and black border. It also support Dual simcard, Dual 4G LTE. But you should notice that it just supports Nano-Sim. That is all about Meizu M2 Note Experience.