Jul 15

Meizu MX Rom- The Steps Of Flashing Meizu MX Smartphones Comes Out

A lot of friends, especially MEIZU MX fans, are not very clear about how to flash Meizu MX, which means how to upgrade the firmware. Meizu MX Rom- The Steps Of Flashing Meizu MX Smartphones comes here.

Meizu MX Rom

Today, I will tell you some steps of flashing Meizu MX.

Meizu MX Rom Flashing Steps:

1. Connecting the Computer and Meizu MX through the USB cable, and copying the file- update.bin into MX disk root directory.

2. Disconnecting USB connection, turning off the power of the Meizu MX.

3. Turning on your phone, and long press the “power key” and “the volume + key “.


4. Until “System Upgrade” appearing on the screen.


5. Waiting until the following picture appearing, then click ” Upgrade” ; ” Restart” exit to upgrade. If you need to remove all data, please check “Clear Data Simultaneously” to upgrade and remove all the data on the phone (such as: memo, email, contacts and other information, not include SD file, such as music or photos).


6. Do not allow the power off during the process of upgrading.


Meizu MX Rom Flashing Warning:

Email is not in the scope of the backup, if checked “Clear Data Simultaneously” at the same time, mail contents will be lost.

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