Jul 15

Meizu MX6 Leaks: Won’t Take Pro 6 LED ring

Meizu MX6 Leaks: Won’t Take Pro 6 LED ring

One of the nicest features of the Meizu Pro 6 will not be making it’s way over to the Meizu MX6 confirms new leaked photos. Meizu MX6 Leaks, let’s see some details.
Meizu MX6 Leaks

While the Meizu Pro 6 remained largely unchanged (physically) to previous Meizu phones, the device did get a neat new LED ring for the rear camera. It was the first time we had seen such a solution, and it appears that Meizu are wanting to keep the feature a flagship exclusive.

Meizu MX6 Leaks

New leaks of the Meizu MX6 show the rear of the phone with standard dual LED flash design rather than the LED light ring. The dual tone LED’s are located below a 12 mega-pixel rear camera which appears to have a smaller than average (for Meizu) lens.

The imges also show that the volume and power buttons will be on the right of the device, set in a recess, and that Meizu will be offering a flip over accessory for the phone.

Meizu MX6 Leaks

Meizu will launch the Meizu MX6 later this phone. The phone will feature a Helio X20 chipset, 12 mega-pixel rear camera, and is believed to have a thin 7.55mm body but large battery.

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