Apr 08

Meizu Pro 6 Published Time- Next Week!

Meizu Pro 6 Published Time- Next Week!

As we all know that the Meizu came out its newest smartphone Meizu M3 Note and this phone has many wonderful design. But there are many people hopes to get the Meizu high- end smartphone as Meizu Pro 5 before. This article will tell you the time about Meizu Pro 6 will be published- The detailed time is the next week! What a amazing new for customers! Meizu Pro 6 Published Time Today the company have announced that the launch date for the Meizu Pro 6 is just around the corner and has been penned in to launch on the 13th April. This is likely to excite some fans, but upset current owners of the Pro 5 which only launched at the end of 2015. As for Meizu goog flagship phone, Meizu works hard for this new prduct. We have leaked many informations about Meizu Pro 6. How about the performance of this phone? Meizu Pro 6 Published Time Meizu Pro 6 will use 5.2 inch 1080p screen, Helio X25 processor, fashion design, a new mTouch 3.1 fingerprint scanner, 3500mAh battery, HIFI 3.0 sound, NFC and memory options from 32GB to 128GB, will Meizu pro 6 take other black technoliges? We only can get answer in the launch. You can get more news about the Meizu Pro 6 at the next week, about this phone is worth waitting and noting. If you are going to buy a high- end smartphone, you can buy this one at the next week and it will bring you a wonderful touch feeling.