Sep 05

Microsoft Go Square with New Windows Phone 7 Mango Logo


It appears that Microsoft has decided to wave goodbye to the well-known circular Windows Phone logo, and embrace the shape Huey Lewis told us was ‘hip’; the square. While logos tend to work on a subconscious level – we’re familiar with them, but don’t always ‘see’ them – this is a significant change on the company’s part and is likely to come into full effect when Mango gets released.
The existing Windows Phone logo has the ‘window panes’ inside a circle, which often comes in different colours, but the new one replaces that 3D circle with a flat square. Once again, Microsoft will adapt the colour of the outer section accordingly and it has been seen in red, orange, black and yellow.
An eagle-eyed Japanese blog, Nanapho, has rounded up all the places this new logo has been spotted, starting with several Microsoft events and ending with promotional material for the Fujitsu IS12T, as well as below the camera lens on the phone itself.
While a subtle change in logo may not sound all that important, the old circle symbol did link WP7 with Microsoft’s desktop OS, providing a degree of familiarity for newcomers to the smartphone world. But by choosing a square instead, the logo now represents the primary feature of WP7′s Metro UI; the Live Tile, and it’s a really clever little alteration.
We should be seeing it around a lot over the coming weeks!