Jul 16

Mini Power- The Smallest Portable Power Source Finally Comes out

Mini Power- Mini Portable Power Source Comes Out

Mini Power

Buying portable power source, the first thing to consider is the capacity or the power source. The common portable power source maybe have a huge capacity, which is enough for us. However, the weigt of power source is raising according the raising of capacity. Don’t worry, because Mini Power– Mini Portable Power Source Comes out.

Here are some images of commonlly- used portable power sources.

 Mini Power

So we need a mini power source to solve our problem of lacking electicity.Recently, I found a new technology product- Mini Power, which can solve our problems of lacking electicity.

Mini Power Introduction:

By adopting low power paper battery technology, Taiwan designers Tsung Chih- Hsien brought a called Mini Power. The disposable portable mobile power supply cabinet, which is the most suitable power source for people to choose. The shape of Mini Power is like a capsule, which is very convenient for us to carry.

Mini Power Capacity:

Mini Power has a total of three kinds of capacity for us to choose: 2 hours, 4 and 6 hours. You can choose freely according to your needs. The Mini Power with a capacity for 2 hours just has a SIM card size, and 6 hours just has the length of the section. If you own Mini Power, you don’t worry your bag becomes because of carrying a power source any longer.

Mini Power

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