Dec 24

MIUI 9 May Can Delete System Apps, Good News!

MIUI 9 May Can Delete System Apps, Good News!

There are many many applications in every Android phone. People never use them mostly, the reason is they don’t need them, and they gave better choice. And these system apps can’t be deleted, they wastes many storage. This time, MIUI 9 will change it!


According to MIUI Product Manager, Ma Ji, MIUI 9 will allow users to uninstall system apps without any problems connected to it. this time, you can have only those apps you want to use. For example, if you want to use Google Calendar app, you can remove default calendar app completely and have only Google Calendar (or other app).

I believe those decisions can make huge impact on Android devices. I hope that other producers will learn from Xiaomi and allow users to remove their apps from system.

Another interesting information from Global Tech 2016 event is that more Xiaomi apps will be available for non-MIUI users. Xiaomi will upload them for all android phones. Soon we should receive more details about it.

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