MTK Phones Flashing Guide

This is a guide of MTK Phones flashing. It is not that hard like others saying. It is easy and what you need more is care. MTK phones won’t be bricked when flashing just if you are careful.

  • Card flash. Easier than cable flash (If the recovery is in). -MTK Phones Flashing

Prepare: 1. SD card. 2. Battery power over 70%.


  1. Send the zip file (rom) to your SD card, remember do not unzip the zip, and it is better if it is a blanket SD card.
  2. Power off the phone and insert the SD card. Normally you need to press volume- (may be +, depends on your device) and power on button for over 8 seconds to go into the recovery model (Some device will be dark screen, just click the menu button to enter).
  3. You can see some options below, like apply upgrade from SD card/ choose .zip from SD card/ wipe the caches/ wipe the data/ reboot your system. Normally volume -/+ to move, power button to confirm. What we need is to do a double wipe (wipe data & wipe caches) before your flashing, and then choose .zip from SD card and confirm.
  4. If the rom is right, your device will continue and finish upgrading itself. Or you will get a notice like “installing aborted”, which means rom is wrong or the zip is broken. After you reboot your phone, you will get the new system.
card flash- MTK Phones Flashing

card flash- MTK Phones Flashing

*Card flash is easier than cable flash, just step by step, you can upgrade your phone easily. Some devices will not recognize SD card even if you insert it into your phone. You need to do a double wipe first and then start up the phone and send the zip file to your phone storage, and power off to go into the recovery. —MTK Phones Flashing.

  • Cable flash -MTK Phones Flashing

Prepare: 1. USB cable. 2. Battery over 70%. 3. Power off the phone.


  1. Need to install the 6575/ 6577 USB driver. Click auto install.
  2. Extract the flash tool(Newest one, include MTK6589) to your desktop. Check all the folders must be in English. Rename it if not.
  3. Extract the rom you need to your desktop. Check all the folders must be in English. Rename it if not.
  4. Open the flash tool.exe, and click scatter loading and move to your rom folder, choose”MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt” file. All the files below will be ticked.
  5. Click firmware upgrade and now you need to do is to reinsert the battery (do not start up the phone) and connect your phone to pc and then leave it alone.
  6. When shows a green circle, it is done.
cable flash- MTK Phones Flashing

cable flash- MTK Phones Flashing

*No. 5 is the hardest step of all.

Q: Can’t start up the flash tool?

A: Totally close it and move the folder to your desktop, and remember the folder name: all English.


Q: Shows nothing after clicking firmware upgrade?

A: reinstall the driver again and restart your pc to check. Do not connect others on your other usb port to make sure the voltage.


Q: Flash tool recognize the phone, but shows problems.

A: Upgrade the flash tool yourself, or contact us to get a new one.


Q: Flash tool recognize the phone, but stuck at 76%.

A: Click stop, and do not touch more, rom problem or battery problem. Take out the battery and charge it though unversal charger for over 1hour and try again.


Q: Start up but stuck at boot.

A: 1. Wait a little minutes. 2. Reinsert the battery and start up again. 3. 1&2 not work, reflash.


Q: How to identify a cable rom or a card flash rom.


Card Flash Rom

Card Flash Rom

Cable Flash Rom

Cable Flash Rom

—MTK Phones Flashing.


  1. Hi,
    I followed each step of your guide and finally successful flashing my device after 3 times put in/out my battery,lol..i never thought of seeing many colors comes out while it flashing.

  2. Hi, Do i must click on firmware-upgrade ?? When i click on Download .. What will be happen

  3. I got samsung grand duos i9082 clone with mtk6572 and i9500 according to mtk droid tools device info.
    the GPS hardware does not exist when trying to use navigation, No 3G network and can not set into wcdma only GSM is allowed and No Icon GPS on drop down front panel and on location settings as well to turn ON GPS.
    Is there any custom rom to fix this issues and will it be install the GPS hardware?

  4. yesterday in an attempt to free up memory I have probably deleted a vital application of the system. Now the phone does not work and the window “unfortunately has stopped” and window message not recognize. The phone does not see the two sim have no signal. I tried to do the master reset of the phone but does not work . What should I do to solve the problem. I am very sorry too many problems with this phone. Now the phone is unusable.He, I bought an 8gb sd card, I did dowload the rom file – HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9002.rar I converted from rar file to zip file, why not in rar format is seen by the phone. I followed the steps that you sent me. I went into recovery mode and then I went to apply Update from sdcard \ sdcard2 where I had put HDC Galaxy Note 3 The installation starts and then stops with this error “” Signature installation failed installation aborted . Please help me to solve the problem. Why I do not know what to do now.
    In menu of recovery a not have choose of file.
    Ihave this menu
    Android System recovery
    etc etc….

    Apply Updata from ADB
    Apply Updata from SDCARD ->sdcard2 ->HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9002.rar (instal abort)
    Apply Updata from cache
    Wipe data Facrory/reset
    Wipe cache partition
    Backup user data
    Restore user data

    Best Regards

  5. I have tried to flash my HDC Galaxy Legend S4. Here’s the problem.

    I have tried doing so for the past days, but the problem with my phone is that when I turn it on, the Samsung logo appears and my phone turns off and then again turns on alone and it doesn’t stop until I remove the battery. When I tried to flash it, it kept turning on and off again, causing my PC to think that I’m plugging and unplugging the USB cable.
    I have talked to the tech support from fascardtech and at first, they told me to send it, which I refused to, because I knew I’d stay without phone for 2 or more months. They sent me another mail with the link of this website, but they still don’t understand my situation.

  6. i have “get com port failed” error…. what should i do??? please help me… thanks in advance

  7. I get different error codes, 8045, or 3149

  8. I get this error
    what should i do please

  9. I need a ROM in zip format so that my phone can install, since it can not access the computer with usb. My phone is a goophone n2pro. Can anyone help?

  10. so many time I try to root my galaxy s4 but still some problem

  11. my device is not recognized with the drivers that i installed, it is recognized like mtk usb port, and consecuence of that i can not flash it, what do i have to do

  12. owner of this web site can reupload the scatter files

  13. the flash tool has not files for it and no .img file how do it work if i dont need one if so

  14. HDC Galaxy S4 I9500 Exynos 5410

    Purchased: 22/07/2013
    Received: 26/08/2013
    Total Days Working: 0 (zero)


    SP_FLASH RUN MEMORY TEST: nand flash was not detected


  15. hai..
    can someone help me? my hdc s4 dead after flashing ROM.
    battery not charging, and my pc not recognize the usb when i plug in the phone.
    please help me

    thanks before..

  16. In the recovery mode, just have apply update from sdcard. There is no install zip from sdcard. Please help. i press apply update from sdcard but installing aborted. please help.

    • hello
      Nobody can help us, I have the same problem and my grip usb of the phone does not work?


  17. i do the update but my phone is dead now please help

    • the same where….


      • please help, i’ve the same case.
        charger doesnt work, power button not responding at all. screen just blank, now it’s Dead Phone. the USB not recognize my phone, please help :(

        i’m using MTK6589 model: GT-I9500, android version: 4.2.9, baseband: I9500xxuamdk , kernel: 3.4.5-565349 se.infra@sep-70#, build number: jdq39.I9500zsuame1

  18. please help me…i have a device which runs on a mtk 6577 dual core processor..
    i rooted my phone with eroot and after restarting my phone phone the company logo comes and come into a black screen…on that black screen no buttons work whatsoever but when i push the home button it vibrates and all the keys light up….. please help me ………
    my model no. is spice mi-502… an indian brand.there are no hard keys leaving the power button/wake up and the volume rockers….

  19. hi all, not if it is the right place, but I have a hdc exynos galaxy s4 (real mtk6589) and the GPS did not work, update the rom, and voila phone that will not turn on, then charge him rom / and if you turn sound, buttons, touch, but do not see anything on the screen, that works with droid explorer android sdk and see the phone on the PC, you think that the error is in the display driver? or the screen is broken?
    sensor values ; Main sensor = ov8825_mipi_raw (back to camera), Sub sensor = hi253_yuv (front), LCD = LT050ANKP019A?

  20. hello, buy the phone and gps failed, actualize and stood frozen in android home … I’ve tried everything, I need help … thanks

    • same here. really disspapointed. i told them to check everything before sending it, now they are saying the ROM is wrong. both GPS and compass dead.

      i tried the procedure above, but after the ROM upgrade the phone wont turn on. so now its totally useless.

  21. roland szatmari


    I have HDC Galaxy S4 exynos. I have a problem, when I call out the screen goes black, and I charge my battery full, but it very fast discharge or when I restart my phone, it show my battery percentage 10-20%. Can you help me someone?

  22. Hi,

    if i clicked Download button on the SPTool, what happen? I dont want if my phone be dead.

  23. Hi everybody! I bought me a hdc i9500 galaxy exynos, every time I do a card flash update I always get the message “Installed aborted”.. I followed the instructions correctly doing a double wipe out. Here is the link of the update HDC s4 exynos :

    I try both ways in .rar and in .zip format.. Anyone can help me?? thanks

    I already tried cable flash but my computer can’t recognize my phone when it’s off I installed all usb drivers..

    • Cable flash -MTK Phones Flashing

      Prepare: 1. USB cable. 2. Battery over 70%. 3. Power off the phone.


      Need to install the MTK6589 USB driver. Click auto install.
      Extract the flash tool(SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119) to your desktop. Check all the folders must be in English.
      Extract the rom you need to your desktop.

      Open the flash tool.exe,
      1. click on Download Agent and select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin (Locate it on Sp Flash Folder)
      2.and than click scatter loading and move to your rom folder, choose”MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt” file.
      All the files below will be ticked.
      Click firmware upgrade and now you need to do is to and connect your phone to pc, reinsert the battery (do not start up the phone) and then leave it alone.
      When shows a green circle, it is done.

  24. i have got folder from seller but its zip folder for my sumsung galaxy s4 MT6577
    the phone dont accepte he write me error so i unzippe the folder to flashed with cable but its not like the second pict here and i dont want flash
    can you help me to make it cable flashab

  25. This was my guide for flashing the ROM on my Galaxy HDC Exynos and what I was going on and as I was working out.
    1 – Install “msxml6″ accept (in Chinese) until installation.
    2 – Install the USB drivers on your PC, in this case Windows was on XP:
    a. When you connect the phone via USB and asks us to find the drivers, we go to the directory and install USB_Driver.
    b. Reboot your PC to apply the installation.
    4 – Use SP Flash Tool to do the flashing of the ROM (I used SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119) :
    a. Phone disconnected from USB and battery.
    b. I select the “scatter” “Samsung5410_Android_scatter_emmc” from my ROM upgrade, I got an error “Please check the file name you load scatter is legal” and will not let me continue.
    c. Seeing that the file name as the text “Samsung5410_Android_scatter_emmc” will not let us continue, rename this to “MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt” (follow the generic instructions in “ / “and now if we load the list of what has to be loaded into the ROM., a breakthrough …
    d. When I select “Firmware Upgrade and plug in the USB cable, seems to start the process but it gives an error and says that the device is a MT6589_S00 and that does not match the firmware.
    e. From the above I conclude that I must rename again the “scatter” and put 6589 instead of 6577 and I do “MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt”.
    f. Again, I select “Firmware Upgrade” I put the phone battery in its place and plug in the USB cable, I start the process and It followed correctly way to the end, where we get a green circle in the tool. OK!!
    g. Unplug the phone USB, power on the phone and miracle! Works!.
    5 – End of the process, I run Antutu and it seems to give the correct parameters.
    6 – Conclusion: As tell one proverb of my country, It has more traps than a Chinese film!
    I hope you find it useful

  26. Ok

  27. Got the new version of FlashTool. This time, a different error like .. ‘Cannot initializes scatter file. Please check the name is legal’.

    Any comment from mahone0810 is very much appreciated.

  28. Is there a newer version of the FlashTool program. Looks like many customers are having problem.

  29. This is the error message I saw on the screen after pressing the update firmware button ..

    Error message – BROM ERROR : S_UNSUPPORTED_VER_OF_DA (1022)
    [DA] DA binary file contains an unsupported version in its header!

    What went wrong?

  30. Using the SPFlash tool, after pressing the firmware update button, the system just stay there. Nothing happens and the download indicator just stay there.

    What went wrong?

  31. can you put up a video how to do this with the sd card

  32. How do I root the mtk phone I have s4 clone

  33. Something is strange..
    Phone is recognized by device manager as preloader usb vcom.
    Sp_flash_tool finish the work, green circle appears.
    Phone doesnt boot. I press power button but no response.
    I repeated the above steps 3 times.
    Sp_flash_tool saw that the job has done, but … what job?

    It is the ROM? It is the drivers? It is the phone?
    I appreciate any suggestions before taking the decission to send the phone back to FCT.

    • From the begining it was the battery. Battery was drained.
      You dont need for the battery to be at 70%.
      I made 3 times the same firmware-upgrade-thing almost without battery…
      I hope all the rest (I mean the gps, the wifi…)will be ok after this adventure…

  34. Good morning

    I buyed a hdc galaxy s4 i9500 and, as you have said, I must change the ROM with the steps that are showed here (in the USB way, because turning on the phone by pressing the – volume key starts the phone in which itselves name as “factory mode”, but there is no way to install the ROM with the card).

    I have made all the steps for the USB mode, but when I came to the step 5, the flash tool recognise my device as “PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM3), but the % bar doesnt start to cout. May you help me? Thank you

    • Good morning again, I have just tried to do all the steps in the right way another time, but when I connect my HTC Galaxy s4 i9500, a window appear. In that window is write:

      Common Hint: For SP Flash Tool issues:

      Please supply you tool version, GUI screen shot, and tool logs when you encounter trouble with the latest tool.
      How to obtain the tool logs?
      1. Run the tool;
      2. Press Cntr+Alt+t (Tool Title Hint Runtime Trace Mode);
      3. [Menu] Help – [SubMenu] Open logs folder.


      [DA] DA binary file contains an unsupported version in its headder. Please ask for help


      So….following the instructions, Im asking for help

      • By the way, I asked my device to be root and is not, how can I do to root it by myself?

      • we have uploaded a new rom and everybody pls download again to check. thanks.

      • You should try to download another version of SP Flash tool, it not matter if is new or older than the actual you are using. It error also appeared to me.

    • 1. the combine key depends on the factory, so if volume- and power on is factroy model, then volume+ and power on is recovery model.
      2. it is still a driver problem, you need to reinstall the driver again or you need to download the driver and reinstall again.

    • and the first issue that you wrote, it seems like you do not have the correct drivers installed.
      You must install vcom drivers for MTK65XX, 6575/ 6577 USB driver shows here.

      • I have download the MTK65XX, 6575/ 6577 USB driver file from the link of this pages. When I unzip it, there are two folders:


        I open MTK6513&6573¦Ï¦©Ã²Â»¦¾+½ folder and there appears antoher four folders:


        Finally, I open the first of all, Á+1¦¢-Φ-Û¦ÏðÙ-Ò¦+È-¼¦¢, because inside of it there is only one item:


        And I have installed it, is it the correct installer?

        Before I do that I just have follow the next steps and came to the trouble I have just said.

  35. Hello, I tried to do this but..
    I went to the recovery model main menú, and does not show me the “install zip from sdcard” option.
    What should I do?

  36. I hope you help me soon thanks

  37. Plamen Statev


    or if there is an option to bring up and English version of the recovery mode menu?

  38. Plamen Statev


    on my HDC Storm MX which I purchased from Fastcardtech the menu in the Recovery Mode is in Chinese language. Could you send me translation. If you need I can send a picture of it.

    • But the rom i post here is cable flash rom. :)

      • Plamen Statev

        Hi Mahone,
        thanx for your reply!

        Does this mean I should not try to apply it with Goo Manager or similar ROM manger applications?
        I would be anyway interested to have English menu for the recovery mode. Is there a safe way to replace the recovery or there is an English mode of the current?

  39. When i load the scatter, the program says “Incorrect scatter file format”. What can i do? Please help!

  40. se il telefono non si accende , come fare per inserire nuovo ROM ?

    • ciaosei capace a sistemare gps su questo tipo di telefono ……..xke sto diventando matto …il gps nn si aggancia ai satelliti

  41. hello flash tool does not start to send programes on the phone kiphone i5 (phone crashes at startup
    bonjour flash tool ne demarre pas pour envoyer les programes sur le telephone kiphone i5 (telephone bloque au demarrage))

  42. I cannot go into the recovery model, when I start in recovery model appears an android fall down and exclamation simbol in a red triangle.Need some help please

  43. Tried to flash goophone if n2 with using card flash method. Got e-signature error.

    Tried cable flash using scatter-Loading but unable to file MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt.
    Plus there is no way to pull battery on i5 N2.

  44. i couldnt flash my mt6575 it start too fast always

  45. Wonderful guide.