Jul 16

NailO Turns Your Fingernail into a Tiny Trackpad

Today I share a new electrinic technology product to you.


Swiping away on a smartphone during a meeting could, in many cases, be considered bad business behavior. But what if you could subtly tap your thumbnail with your index finger to quickly send an important text or email, a gesture so tiny on no one would notice?

Give a wave to NailO, a nail-mounted gestural input surface out of MIT Media Lab that allows discreet one-handed input via a surface that’s always readily available. Its creators imagine NailO as particularly, yes, handy in situations where gestures or speech input could be considered impolite or inappropriate, or both hands are busy.


Inspired by decorative nail stickers, NailO involves multilayered miniaturized hardware that wirelessly transmits data, via Bluetooth, to a mobile device or PC.


That means you’re walking around with capacitive sensors, a battery and three separate chips– a microcontroller, a Bluetooth radio chip and a capacitive-sensing chip – packed onto your fingernail. But the setup is lightweight, its creators insist. And it can be topped with nail art, so it’s not as odd-looking as it might sound.


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