Jul 16

Nubia Z9 Mini- Google Service/CWM Recovery/Root/Rom

Here is the guide to Add Google Service/CWM Recovery/Root/Update Rom for Nubia Z9 Mini. In order to install roms/updates(incuding Google Service.zip), we need to flash the CWM Recovery first.

Nubia Z9 Mini Google Service/Recovery/Root/Rom

Nubia Z9 Mini CWM Recovery Introduce:

1. Based on CWM Recovery

2. Language: Chinese

3. Supported ADB Push Flash Roms

4. Supported to show Battery Capacity

5. Supported Power Off option

6. Supported Storage/SD Card to choose

7. Supported Backup and Restore System

8. Supported to Get Root Permission for Nubia Z9 Mini

9. Supported Card Flash Official Rom and OTA Update(need to flash back to?official recovery)


How to Flash Nubia Z9 Mini CWM Recovery:

Nubia Z9 Mini Flash in CWM Recovery Flies


Nubia Z9 Mini Flash in CWM Recovery


1. Download the Nubia Z9 Mini One Key Root CWM Recovery.rar.

2. UnRAR all the files to your desktop.

3. Turn on your phone, open the usb debugging and connect it to your computer to get the driver for your pc.

4. When the driver is installed, double click ThemePush.bat to run the flash tool.

5. Type number for what you want to do*, when it is processing, please leave the phone along.

*: If you just wanna add Google Service for this phone, you can choose No.4 and click enter; if you wanna root this one, i suggest you choose No.6; If you wanna flash a rom and add Google Service in, i suggest you choose No.2. Also, if you can’t download the dirver for your laptor, you can click No.1, it will automatically download driver for you.


Nubia Z9 Mini CWM Recovery:


Here is the introduce of the CWM Recovery, althought it is in Chinese, we just need to know what we need to use:

If you wanna install a card flash rom, you need to clear all caches frist, and then choose zip to update.

If you wanna install Google Service, just choose zip to update.


Nubia Z9 Mini New Rom Introduce:

1. Delete some built-in Chinese apps from official website.

2. Built-in Root Permission.

3. Lack of Google Service, you can follow the steps above to flash in.

4. Add some Chinese apps… I hate it… You can delete all because you have Root Permission now.


Nubia Z9 Mini New Rom Card Flash Method:

1. Send the Rom?to your phone storage.

2. Flash and enter the CWM Recovery.

3. Follow the instruction of “Nubia Z9 Mini CWM Recovery” above to flash the Rom.


Files Download Link:

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That’s all for Nubia Z9 Mini- Google Service/CWM Recovery/Root/Rom, it is easy to do if you just follow the steps. Please read the guide first and then try. Comment me if you have any problems and Take Your Own Risk.