May 24

Oneplus 3 Is Coming! China New Flagship Phone

Oneplus 3 Is Coming! China New Flagship

Recently, there are many news talking about Oneplus 3, as a famous chinese brand, Oneplus performances very well. This brand is liked by many people, about some details, I will tell you some informations.

Oneplus 3 1

Just now, a Oneplus 3 invitation image leaked on the website, image has a retro feeling, space floated an old-fashioned game cross key, and the bottom impressively write “Get In The Loop”apple iPhone SE conference “Let us Loop you In” visual sense.

As we know, Oneplus takes us a big suprise, many people like this phone, but the second generation dropped downturn, no matter design or sales, serious not exceeding the expectation “. This poster, can it find the feeling of the first generation?

Oneplus 3 2

Oneplus CEO has praised the touch feeling of Oneplus 3, it feels very comfortable, and Oneplus also announces this phone is special, this time, they will try different selling way.

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