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OnePlus One- Best China Phone Full Reviews

One Plus One

OnePlus One Android Phone Features and Specifications

GPU Adreno330: Strong Performance and More Energy Efficient
Using GPU Adreno330, relative to the previous generation graphics processor, the computing power has been increased 50% and to reduced cell phone power consumption significantly at the same time. It will be so easy to manage all types of 3D games in order to bring you the ultimate smooth and thrilling user experience.
OnePlus One
Snapdragon 801 Quad Core 2.5GHz chip + 3GB RAM:
Faster, stronger, more magical experience
OnePlus One
Screen: Slim body, contain 5.5inch FHD World
5.5 inches crystal-clear suspended screen, 1080P FHD picture quality brings you unprecedented visual experience. The more unusual thing is, such a large screen could be placed in a light weight and slim body. The ultra-narrow frame, stunning big-screen will not only attract your eyes but also attract people’s attention.
OnePlus One
4G: “World” in Hands
OnePlus One could download high-definition videos and files in moment and compatible with TD-LTE/FDD-LTE two kinds of 4G network standard/ TD-SCDMA and WCDMA two kinds of 3G network standard. With OnePlus One in hand, you have more choices to connect the world.
OnePlus One
Suspended Screen- Exquisite Spatial Aesthetics
Crystal clear screen suspended above the phone body, the subtleties of it is far more than the visual beauty, but also won enough space from the engineering design. The capacity of battery is up to 3100mAh, 1300 megapixel camera is placed within the body horizontal, headphone jack and switch buttons are in human position, while keep the phone body slim.
OnePlus One
OnePlus one’s design can PK all phones except the iPhone. On the screen, OnePlus phone’s unique in that it gives a display outside the box floating feeling. According Liuzuo Hu introduced, suspended screen design can make the whole more three-dimensional, but you can make the models compared with the size of battery capacity increased by 30%. The official said that this screen design will decreased 7% of breaking screen rate.
the system of OnePlus is also a major attraction, CM team joined in so as to make the phone system to ensure the smooth and stable, many Android fans are expected to be so concerned about this model. Besides, the weight of OnePlus one mobile phone is only 162g, not cumbersome feeling.

One Plus One

OnePlus One, a Cheap and Valued China Phone.

One Plus One
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