Jul 16

PocketScan- The Smallest Scanner In The World!

The Smallest Scanner In The World


Our Daily Problems

When you are reading in the coffee shop or in the library, you just use mobile to save the useful data. Just take pictures, it cost our times and is not very convienent. Because this way can appear the phenomenon such as distortion, distortion, reflective, probably it can’t tell colorst.

PocketScan’s Function

PocketScan is currently the world’s smallest wireless scanner, which can provide high quality images with bright color, let you have another option.

PocketScan 2 5

PocketScan’s Operation way

Just press the button to start scanning, all the content of the scanning are through bluetooth transmission being displayed immediately on the computer screen, notebooks and other equipment, which gives you the feeling of image to you. Unique design and complex lighting system, let the PocketScan have always been able to scan a clear high quality images whether in bright light or weak light environment.


PocketScan’s Size

PocketScan itself is only a little larger than a business card, which is able to scan all paper data – no matter what size can be. In addition, the PocketScan also has the function of “text transfer images”. After scanning, you can directly output Word or Excel files on the computer, let you use more convenient.


PocketScan’s Price

It is interesting that pocketscan also supports 198 kinds of language, and can be used as a simple translator. Scanning for foreign menu, you can clearly see on the corresponding translation. You don’t have to worry for the order. The lowest PocketScan priced at $99.


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